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Rock M Nation Bracket Challenge Update: Who will take home braggin rights?

One meh game, one unbelievable game, and only two remain

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NCAA Basketball: Final Four-UCLA at Gonzaga Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, basketball fans! It’s time to check in for another Bracket update! In case you weren’t glued to your tv, here’s how the Final Four went down.

First up was No. 1 Baylor vs No. 2 Houston, and it was never close. At the end of the first half, it was 45-20, and while Houston did pick it up in the second half, scoring 39 points to Baylor’s 33, the first half deficit and Baylor’s shooting (they made 11 threes) was way too much to overcome. The Cougars were taken down by the Bears, 78-59.

And lastly, a game that will be remembered for years to come for that absolutely bonkers banked in three pointer with time expiring in OT by the Zags’ Jalen Suggs. That shot was almost from half court! The game featured 15 ties and 19 lead changes, and was UCLA’s first OT loss of the three they played in throughout the tourney. The Bruins’ Cinderella-like luck finally ran out. It was an incredible game. If you missed it, you can check out USA Today’s seven best moments of the game.

Loved this tweet from Hochman over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


So, here we are. The eve of the title game, where the top two overall seeds in the tourney will face off. It happens Monday night at 8:20pm. Who’s excited?!? According to ESPN, Gonzaga is the first team to bring an undefeated record into the championship game since Larry Bird and Indiana State in 1979.

Moving on, since that’s not what you’re here for... let’s see how everyone is faring in the bracket challenge, shall we? Here’s the Top 12. It looks like the winner will be between Jimbo Houston and SHSXC03 1 (or RunMizzou11, as we like to call him around the comment section).

How’s the Rock M staff doing? Well, someone has got to hold down the tail end of the bracket, and in this case it is NOT me any longer! Brandon Kiley, who unwisely picked Illinois to win the whole thing, has joined the basement with Levi. (I’m one spot above them, so therefore better than them). There are 125 places in the bracket, and no Rock M staffer is ranked better than 25th— yikes. Josh, who was in 4th at last check in, is now 30th. Congrats, Nate the Great, perhaps you should take up hoops reporting as well! I kid...

Rock M Staff

NAME Rock M Title Points thru F4 Points Remaining Current Place Team to Win
NAME Rock M Title Points thru F4 Points Remaining Current Place Team to Win
Nate Edwards Football Editor 930 1250 25 Gonzaga
Brandon Kiley Lead Football Writer 620 620 111 Illinois
Kortay Vincent Staff Writer 910 1230 30 Baylor
Mitch Hill Podcast Producer 850 850 43 Illinois
Aaron Dryden Football Writer 780 1100 62 Gonzaga
Matthew J Harris Basketball Editor 790 1110 58 Gonzaga
Sam Snelling Site Manager 810 1130 49 Gonzaga
Josh Matejka Deputy Manager 910 1230 30 Gonzaga
Levi Hutmacher Graphics 610 930 112 Gonzaga
Karen Steger Editor 630 950 110 Gonzaga
Sammy Stava Staff Writer 810 1130 49 Gonzaga

So, how’d you do? I recognize some familiar commenter names in here (apologies if I’m missing some)— DBH in 104th, Oscar in 94th, kristina in 86th, drewder in 75th, dezeerae in 72nd, ajahn in 58th, Ausgiano in 58th, Hermus in 49th, Canus Lupus in 44th, jst in 20th.... Great work, y’all. You are all much better than much of our staff! I see my parents are in 8th (way to go, Dad) and my mom’s tumble from the top has knocked her all the way down to 109th now. Tough break.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the final bracket recap! Go Zags!