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Larry Borom drafted by the Chicago Bears with the 151st overall pick

The Motown native is heading to Chicago to protect new Bears QB Justin Fields

Troy v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears decided to use an early 5th round pick to fortify their trenches, and they certainly picked a good one. Borom left Missouri after a fantastic season in 2020 where he graded out as the second best tackle in the SEC, and the eighth best among power five tackles. Now, he did play a lot of tackle in college and was good at it too, but Borom probably projects as more of an interior lineman at this level. He has some really nice things about his game (tenacity, hand placement), and some things that he needs to work (athleticism) but he’s got a nice chance to stick somewhere.


Borom came into Missouri as a low ranked three star prospect who had only played football for only four years, he developed into the best player on Missouri’s offensive line, and is now leaving as an NFL draft pick. That is one hell of a success story.

Congratulations Larry!