RMN '21 #OwnIt Softball Charity Drive

As Mizzou softball looks to get a win later on today, some of the RMN commenters have renewed the softball charity drive. In previous years, it's raised a substantial amount (over 50K) for the MU Children's Hospital, so why not try to do some good this year?

Link for donations if at any time you want to donate straight up.

Leave your pledges / prop bets (silly counts just as well!) and when it's all said and done, we'll tally up and see how we did. Some people do overall wins, advancing to the next round, strikeouts / homeruns, be as creative as you want. I should have a new post with everyone's totals for people not doing a straight up amount at the end. For now, M-I-Z!

(Pledges made prior to this post are just c&p in the comment section so I can keep track) It's all on the honor system, but once again, it's for the kiddos. And feel free to pledge at any time even if they've started playing.

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