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PODCAST: Change can be good!

Matt and Sam talk with The Athletic’s CJ Moore about the future of Mizzou Hoops.

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NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Missouri
Missouri Tigers head coach Cuonzo Martin celebrates after defeating the Illinois Fighting Illini in December 2020.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris. This episode features special guest CJ Moore, staff writer at The Athletic. In the heart of the offseason, Mizzou hoops coach Cuonzo Martin has a lot to think about for the future of the program while also planning for the upcoming season.

How might DaJuan Gordon fit into the mix with the other newcomers? Will Mizzou use up their 13th scholarship? Those questions and more are answered here on episode 28 of Dive Cuts.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00 - 05:00 - Sam and CJ look back on the past few seasons of Cuonzo’s coaching tenure .

05:00 - 08:40 - Matt joins in to chat car shopping and life’s many struggles (we won’t be upset if you skip this part, unless you are looking for Matt’s never-ending wisdom).

08:40 - 14:05 - CJ, Sam, and Matt talk about DeJuan Gordon and what his time in CoMo may look like alongside a whole new team.

14:05 - 26:42 - Mizzou has been an annual resident in the transfer market, landing quality hoopers like Dru Smith and Kassius Robertson. The guys also talk some roster management and recruiting.

26:42 - 32:28 - CJ and Sam take a detour to dive into the current landscape of college basketball recruiting and what building a program might look like now.

32:28 - 44:00 - Looking at how Cuonzo has recruited and built the Mizzou rosters thus far.

44:00 - 47:35 - Change can be a good thing! Cuonzo has shown this by switching up play styles based on the talent on the bench. Will he continue this trend with practically a whole new team of incoming freshmen and transfers?

47:35 -59:08 - Twitter questions! Don’t forget to submit yours for our next podcast.

59:08 - End - CJ, Sam, and Matt outro our podcast. CJ Moore has a Mizzou story coming out next Wednesday, May 12th, 2020. Be sure to follow CJ at @CJmoorehoops on Twitter. We say farewell to Mitchell Hill, and hello to new podcast producer Levi Hutmacher (say it right, Sam! HOOT-MOCK-ER).

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