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Happy Mother’s Day and get this series win today, ladies!

An important Softball game awaits Larissa Anderson’s program, and we’re all thinking about mom. @MizzouSoftball

I’m going to keep this brief because there isn’t a lot that happens on Saturdays, other than Mizzou Softball kicking the skin off Tennessee to even the series at 1-1. I think Mizzou Baseball played a game too, but I’m not sure that went as well.

As I’ve said, I’m a big fan of Larissa Anderson and what she’s doing with the softball program. After a couple years, she has a really tough program sitting in the top 20 and has fared well against the top of the conference. Obviously, you have to beat the top teams to be a top team, but great teams fair well enough against the top and dominate the middle and bottom.

There’s been no relaxing at any point this year and the push down the stretch has been strong. And with the regular season finale awaiting them, the Tigers have a chance to go out on a high note in the finale.

I’d recommend watching the entire highlights, but if you’re only gonna watch one clip watch this bomb:

Here are the whole highlights for fun:

So happy Mother’s Day, everyone. I’ll be spending the day cooking for family, as we’re all fully vaccinated and can hang out together inside as the weather looks like it’s gonna suck a bit. But some grilled sausages and german potato salad should hit the mark.

Coming up in the near future we’ll have Women’s basketball Study Hall, deep analysis of Ronnie DeGray III, and more fun Football offseason stuff.