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In June, we talk about recruiting

Without much going on, there’s only one real newsmaker this time of year, so let’s talk a little about it.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Big day yesterday, huh? And a pretty important week for Mizzou Football.

On top of Montana State transfer Connor Wood’s commitment on Thursday, the Eli Drinkwitz hot streak continued with a big announcement from Tulsa transfer Akayleb Evans last night:

I’ll let smarter football minds break down the importance of this commitment in the coming days, but I think saying it was important to fortify the depth chart at defensive back is at least understood. As BK teased it:

On top of Evans, Mizzou made a move on another former Tulsa DB. Allie Green IV started for the Golden Hurricanes with Evans, and it’s believed both have NFL potential. So adding NFL potential and depth to the Mizzou backfield?

Yes, please.

Football recruiting is messy and hectic and hard to keep track of because of the sheer amount of offers and commitments, but at least things seem like they’re going pretty well.

Moving onto Hoops

It’s an important weekend for Mizzou Basketball as Cuonzo Martin and team are playing host to 5-star wing/combo-forward and Kansas City area native Mark Mitchell:

Mitchell is one of the more premiere prospects to make it to campus in a few years (ok, maybe COVID had a little impact on that — but the point stands). Common belief in and around the recruitment of Mitchell has him as a bit of a heavy UCLA lean, with Duke flying second. So while Missouri might have a long road up if they’re going to land Mitchell, it starts with an official visit.

If there’s a recruiting board, Mitchell is undoubtedly at the top of it. Close behind, if not equal on the board, is Aidan Shaw, who shows up next weekend. Next weekend Shaw won't be the only prospect hanging around, former St. Louisan and current Link Year Prep hooper Jalen Hampton will also be playing Mizzou a visit.

Hampton is an intriguing prospect on the wing/combo-forward front. He’s a lot like Jonathan Dunn, the Rogersville prospect who picked up a Mizzou offer a few weeks back in that he’s not quite a finished product but it’s easy to see why Missouri likes him. He’s 6’7, has solid range shooting the ball, and is a flexible athlete who can defend multiple positions.

My gut instinct tells me Hampton is likely a plan B or C to Mitchell and Shaw. But he’s worth keeping an eye on as he hits town to see if he picks up an offer.

If you’re looking for shooting, Nick Kramer might be the guy, Kramer doesn’t have an offer but he’s also planning a visit to Missouri at some point in June.

Kramer is a SLUH product, and plays for the Brad Beal Elite, he has good size at 6’6 or 6’7, and shoot the ball really well. He’s been vital as a floor spacer for BBE.

And then there’s this:

Missouri was mentioned as being in hot pursuit of a 5-star... follow along with me... Nigerian born Turkish center who is currently playing his prep ball in California. Just like you expected, right?

The Tigers have offers out to other post prospects but seem to be taking a back seat to Big 10 programs for Chaminade forward Tarris Reed, at least outwardly. So if they were hoping to land some size in their class, maybe a move towards a somewhat overlooked high-rated prospect makes sense. Bona is interesting in that most have felt he’s likely to land in the pros earlier than most, so recruiting him may be a waste of time. But more recently he’s shown more willingness to play in college.

It is, like so much more with recruiting, worth keeping an eye on at least.