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Say it with us: Karissa Schweizer, OLYMPIAN

Mizzou Links for June 22, 2021.

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It’s official: Karissa Schweizer is an Olympian!

Just yesterday morning, we were anxiously anticipating the results of an Olympic trial race that would confirm whether or not Karissa Schweizer is still the GOAT.

The results are in and it’s confirmed: Schweizer is still GOATed after clinching a spot on Team USA.

Schweizer, 25, led the field for portions of the race in Eugene, Oregon, but was passed by Bowerman Track Club teammate and eventual winner Elise Cranny with about 200 meters left on the final lap. The top three finishers all qualified for the Olympics: Cranny (15 minutes, 27.81 seconds), Schweizer (15:28.11) and Rachel Schneider (15:29.56).

OK, fine, so she didn’t win. Who cares? She’s winning gold in Tokyo and that’s all that matters.

Here’s the tight finish in which Schweizer ceded the lead to her running club teammate, Elise Cranny.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • The big story of the day is obviously the SCOTUS case that ruled the NCAA cannot withhold “modest payments” to student athletes.

While this is a relatively narrow verdict, it opens the floodgates for future cases to be brought against amateurism as a model for the NCAA... which may mean the end of amateurism as it exists.

There are no direct impacts on Mizzou that we know of, but Jim Sterk did release a statement saying the department is adapting to the new landscape as best as it can.

  • The former-Tulsa corners are in Columbia and giving off good vibes

Happy birthday, Akayleb! And welcome, Allie!

Maybe the new guys can talk to Aiden Shaw about why they chose Mizzou?