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Former Mizzou Hoops coach finishes third in NBA Coach of the Year

Mizzou links for Tuesday, June 8

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New York bias? Who’s to say...

For the second time this offseason, a former Mizzou Tiger has been snubbed for an individual postseason award because of a New York Knick.

While Jordan Clarkson started Mizzou’s offseason off strong by winning Sixth Man of the Year, some thought Mizzou could get a clean sweep by landing Michael Porter, Jr. as the Most Improved and Quin Snyder as Coach of the Year. Well, the former was beaten out by Julius Randle of the New York Knicks while the latter learned today that he was beaten out by Tom Thibodeau... also of the New York Knicks.

Snyder in fact finished third behind Thibs and Monty Williams of the Phoenix Suns. Now, perhaps I didn’t pay enough attention this season, but doesn’t it seem strange that the coaches for two top seeds in the Western Conference (both of whom were picked to finish in lower seeds) were both passed over for the coach of a good-not-great Knicks team? I’m not one to believe in things like big city bias (though leagues undoubtedly want their top market teams making deep playoff runs and winning lots of awards), but this choice seems a little shortsighted. Just my two cents.

Despite turning the Jazz into a powerhouse in the Western Conference, Snyder has yet to be recognized for his work in Salt Lake City. He’ll have a chance to put it behind him quickly, though, as the Jazz open their series against the Clippers tonight. You can read the preview from our sister site SLC Dunk here.

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