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Quarterbacks May Be “Sexy and Fun”, But That’s Not How You Win in the SEC

Mizzou News for Wednesday, July 14

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“You Win in the Trenches”

Coach Drinkwitz went on The Paul Finebaum Show on Tuesday afternoon to talk with guest host Tom Hart about all sorts of topics, including how to retain the guys you want, what he learned his first season in the SEC, his approach to the upcoming SEC Media Days, and his thoughts on his the SEC coaches.

Let’s check out some highlights, shall we?

On Recent Recruiting Wins

“We’re having a great summer here at Mizzou. We were able to get some big-time players in the transfer portal. The most exciting thing has been being able to add some players to our team for this coming season. That’s the cool thing about this immediate eligibility.”

On Building a Program & Keeping the Guys You Want

“You have to be genuine and authentic in who you are, and I think we’ve done a very nice job job of being who we are. I am who I am. I’m not for everyone. We have a winning standard that we are going to hold everyone to it. That’s what our culture is.”

On What He Learned Last Season

“We all learned resiliency- to stay the course and continue to fight. The second thing that was confirmed to me is this is a trench league, which I thought it was coming in. You are only going to be as good as your offensive line and defensive line. The games we struggled in last year were at the line of scrimmage.”

On His First SEC Media Days

“I’m going to call Gus (Malzahn) first and ask him how to do it. I don’t know what to expect or anticipate. There will be a fine line between underselling and overdelivering because you need to hype up your program as well but I’m old school.”

On Meeting the Other Coaches:

“I got one opportunity to meet them in person and see them around the table… it’s pretty interesting. There’s still guys that don’t turn their cameras on during the Zoom meetings, and that kinda surprised me a little bit. And I was thinking that if you were the head coach and having a team meeting that you wouldn’t be okay with your players not having the zoom camera on… that surprised me a little bit.”

You can listen to the 13 minute interview here. Drink is such an interesting dude, so this is well worth your time if you missed it on the SEC Network.

Onto the Links!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, y’all. I’m hoping I’ll hear something about that interview this week…

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“Under the new law, athletes must disclose to schools the terms of any agreements with sponsors before they receive compensation. This caveat is intended to prevent student-athletes from entering deals that conflict with school policy, though individual boosters can arrange individual NIL deals with student-athletes — a feature of Missouri’s NIL law that differs from other states’. Colleges in Missouri must also provide financial-development programs for their athletes at least once per year.”

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