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Zo Becomes More Active on Social Media, and We Love to See it

Mizzou News for Wednesday, July 28

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The Good and Oh So Bad of Social Media

Social media was a bad, bad place the last couple days, y’all, whether it be the jackasses (I would prefer a far worse word but this is a family site) going after Simone Biles who can go **** right off, or criticizing Katie Ledecky for not winning a gold medal in an event she wasn’t even favored in, or not medaling in the 200— you try swimming that schedule and see how you do, or the softball team losing the gold medal game— I didn’t see a lot of criticism since that game was at like 3am but it just made me sad, or Naomi Osaka falling— don’t even get me started on her naysayers. Everywhere you turned, seemingly a new idiot appeared that enraged me (and many others) further. While we watch sports for entertainment, an athlete’s job is NOT to entertain us. It is important to remember this when we get an itchy Twitter finger; our unkind, harmful words could be damaging someone’s mental health.

So, in light of all the unpleasantness, when Mizzou fans were treated to not one, but SEVERAL Mizzou Hoops and Cuonzo Martin posts, it did help brighten things up significantly. It seems like maybe one of our coaches is rubbing off on the other in terms of a taking a more active social media role? The more the better, I say. Especially when you are someone with such a powerful voice, like Coach Martin.

KOBE LOOKS GOOD. DAMN. And Zo kinda dancing at the end is so goofy.



Onto the Links! If you need me, I’ll be glued to the tv watching the Olympics for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday at Rock M

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Other Mizzou Sports/News

  • More locker rooms pics!
  • Way to go, Sophia!
  • Looks like soccer will be back on the field next week! I love how Coach Golan’s team hashtag is #TakeTheStairs.

Former Tiger News (AKA Karissa Corner)

  • KARISSA RUNS THIS WEEK! Really early in the morning! She reminds us to have our coffee brewin’ since we’re going to need it…
  • Our favorite runner also went on the Citius Mag podcast, talking about Midwest summers and how they’ve prepared her for the sweltering conditions she’ll face in Japan. Check it out on Spotify!


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