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It’s Karissa Day!!! And Welcome to the SEC, I guess…

Mizzou News for Friday, July 23

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Welcome to the SEC… I guess??

The gif going through my head with the official announcement that the SEC unanimously approved the expansion, of course, is this one, which I would have embedded, but you know… NSFW language and such. So instead, I halfheartedly welcome Oklahoma and Texas to our great SuperLeague where we’re reminded incessantly, “it just means more.” Hey, at least we aren’t welcoming a Tom Herman-led Texas team, right? #brightside And I actually am looking forward to having the Longhorns in the conference for swimming, since I AM a longtime Longhorns/Eddie Reese fan. (fun fact: my brother coached for them so my family does have some UT merch in our closets)

Here’s the press release. For the record, I’m not sure anyone thinks this whole thing is actually waiting til 2025 to happen; it seems to be much more likely that it will be the 2022-23 season.

I found this response of interest in Dave Matter’s newest chat at STL Today when asked about the years of waiting time for it all to kick off: (read the whole chat)

If Oklahoma and Texas were to leave the Big 12 for the SEC in time to play football in 2022, the consensus is they’d both owe the Big 12 around $80 million. Even with a gracious loan from the SEC, those two schools aren’t going to be paying that much money. That’s why it’s in their best interest for the Big 12 to dissolve and for the spare parts to be sold off to other conferences

There’s plenty of news out there about the possible dominoes falling all around the country with the news of OU/UT moving, but I’m not linking to all of it, ha.

MOVING ON to the most important news of the day…


By the time you read this, our golden-haired former Tiger Queen of the Track will have already run the first of her races, the 5000m, depending upon how late you sleep (I will still be sleeping, to be certain). So here’s hoping it went well and we can all catch a rewatch later— please link to it below if you find one.

Onto the Links! GO KARISSA!!!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • LOVE THIS. I want one!
  • If you’re in the area, go support the Tigers at Mizzou Night at the ballpark!


  • Robin Pingeton’s squad is getting prepped for their night at ballpark. Looking ready, ladies!
  • Mizzou great Steve Stipanovich sat down with KTRS Big Sports Show on Wednesday night, and Sammy said it was awesome. Have a listen!

Other Mizzou Sports

  • Not entirely sure what this is all about, but I do know that Mizzou Sports Properties, which is part of Learfield Sports IMG, is in charge of all the radio stuff for Mizzou and holds a kickass tailgate, so this is nice!

Draft Night/Mizzou in the Pros

  • Good luck to our guys, Dru and Tilly! We know they didn’t get drafted Thursday evening, but here’s hoping they latch on to a summer league or G-League.
  • Cuonzo Martin, great dude. Dru Smith and Jeremiah Tilmon, also great dudes.
  • Way to go, Tanner! And thanks to former podcast producer Mitch for the tip.
  • CHASE!!

  • And finally, RIP to Kentucky’s Terrence Clarke, who tragically died this summer in a car accident after signing his first agency contract with Klutch Sports. Good on the NBA to hold a nice moment for him and his family at the draft on Thursday evening. He had a long, bright career ahead of him.


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