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Mizzou makes Top 3 for highly-touted Texas DL recruit

Mizzou Links for July 6, 2021.

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Bring us your 4-star recruits, Texas

You want to know what’s better than poaching highly-rated football recruits from the local schools in Texas? Doing it more than once.

Mizzou dipped into the Longhorn state this past weekend to grab the state’s number one running back in Tavorus Jones, and now Eli Drinkwitz has another opportunity to round himself up a future Tiger. On Monday, 4-star defensive tackle Jadon Scarlett announced his top three schools in the recruiting process.

Those are some choppy waters which Mizzou is swimming in, but now more than ever it feels like the Tigers have a chance. The tea leaves at the moment are reading Texas A&M, but Mizzou has been making inroads with Texas’ top talent. Does Drinkwitz have the juice to make another big commitment happen? He will if the fans have anything to say about it!

At the time I’m writing this, Mizzou is narrowly in the lead. Will Jadon take this into consideration? Why else would he post it?!

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