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If you’re reading this, Karissa Schweizer runs soon!

Mizzou Links for August 2, 2021.

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Will the GOAT be the GOLD?

Getting to watch Mizzou athletes in the Olympics is always a special type of joy. Certainly we all like to gather around and root for the American representatives when they come around, and we all especially love a hero or a dominant champion. However, there’s something about watching a Tiger compete — even when they don’t win it all (see: J’Den Cox) — that brings even more pride to the table. Maybe it’s because I often find myself relating more to my school than the amorphous idea of my homeland. I digress.

Today, one of my favorite all-time Tigers is running her first final at the Tokyo Olympics, and you best believe I’ll be streaming that thing at work.

Schweizer is running both the 5K and the 10K in Tokyo, and the competition will be stiff in both. Former medalists and world champions are abounding, so Schweizer already has the odds stacked against her... which feels impossible because she’s, you know, Karissa Schweizer.

Anyway, be sure to tune in for this True Daughter’s first true Olympic moment. You don’t want to be the one who missed something magical, do you?

Yesterday at Rock M

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