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Nick Bolton picks off Patrick Mahomes and Karissa Schweizer will get another shot in Tokyo

Mizzou Links for August 3, 2021.

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Schweizer runs her first final and Bolton gets his first pick-six

It wasn’t the finish we all wanted, but Karissa Schweizer went out and did us all proud in her first Olympic final.

Schweizer was the first American to finish the race, a few spots ahead of one of her club running teammates.

All of her medal hopes aren’t over, though. As noted in the tweet above, she’ll race in the 10k later this week.

In more domestic sports news that you may have heard, Nick Bolton is quickly ingratiating himself into the Chiefs’ system and fanbase.

An important question we should consider here is this: Is Nick Bolton the best defender in the NFL already? I don’t know, feels like the above evidence would hold up in court!

Yesterday at Rock M

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