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YOUR 2021 Missouri Football Predictions

You’ve read every piece of Mizzou football content for the past 8 months so...what do you think?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve previewed the team.

We’ve previewed the opponents.

We showed you the DNA of this football team.

We reviewed how many things need to go right for a magical season.

And, our Godfather Bill C. updated his SP+ numbers to accurately reflect the transfer portal, attrition, and injuries leading up to August 12th ($).

Here’s the part that you care about:

Updated Missouri Opponent SP+ Rankings

Those numbers in the “Opponent” column are preseason win probabilities, giving Missouri a projected win total of 6.39 wins (and 3.4 conference wins). The twelve opponents can be grouped into three buckets of win probability. They are:

Likely Wins

SEMO (93%), North Texas (85%), at Vanderbilt (81%), South Carolina (77%), Central Michigan (71%)


Tennessee (53%), at Boston College (48%), at Kentucky (44%), at Arkansas (35%)

Likely Losses

Texas A&M (21%), Florida (21%), Georgia (10%)

...yes, 3 of the 4 toss-ups are in the first five weeks of the season and are in a four-game window. Yikes.

BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? That’s what I want to know.

Here are your questions, answer them in the comments below and let’s see what our educated readership thinks of this season:

1. What’s Mizzou’s record this year (head)?

2. What’s Mizzou’s record this year (heart)?

3. What youngster (freshman or sophomore not named Mookie Cooper) has a breakout year?

4. Mizzou knocks off either Texas A&M or Florida at home. Which one?

5. Mizzou loses to either Central Michigan, Boston College, or North Texas in non-con play. Which one?

6. Mizzou’s best conference game will be against _________?

7. Mizzou’s dumbest loss will be against __________?

8. How many Mizzou games will you attend this fall?