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Zo Poses an Important Series of Questions

Mizzou News for Friday, August 6

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The Most Important Q&A for Your Friday

With the pictures surfacing of the news court, Coach Martin asked fans an important series of questions on twitter:

So, what say you? If pressed for an answer, I think I would go with:

1) It’s definitely the 1993 3-OT Braggin Rights game in the old arena, no question. I was just a kid, but I’ll never forget it, and my parents and I still talk about it to this day. Attending Braggin Rights games are my fave.

2) The first sold out game I attended at Mizzou Arena— the 2017 Iowa State game. Also known as Michael Porter Jr’s debut, which lasted all of about three minutes. Someone in my former office very sweetly traded me for the tickets — I cried when she gave them to me, seriously — and me and longtime friend/sometimes Rock M contributer Ryan Faller got to go. It was one of the best, most exciting experiences I can remember being a part of. And was the start of Zo’s time here, where I forever became a fan.

3) Too many to name, but the ones that come to mind immediately: Kareem, Keyon, LBo, Kimmie, Earnest Ross, DeMarre, J3 (my most favorite), Kash, Tilly (Dino Jammies!), and Javon….

What do you think? Please sound off in the comments!

Moving on to a couple more social media things from Mizzou Hoops, including some practice pics and an awesome video from Zo:

Onto the Links! Lots of football to read about but not much else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

GO KARISSA!!! She runs the 10,000m on Saturday at 5:45am. You can watch on Peacock or!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • Some more pics from media day!
  • Coach Pingeton and her staff sent over lunch to Drinkwitz on Thursday. I don’t much care for that restaurant choice, but still a very gracious gesture:

Other Mizzou Sports


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