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REAL GAME ACTION Returns to Faurot in a Few Days and Drinkwitz Wants YOU to Be There

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Mizzou News for Wednesday, September 1

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“It’s Time to Put Up”

I’m not sure if you knew this, but there’s a football game on Saturday. Pretty cool, right? Personally, I’m just waiting in the wings for my Hoops squads to get started, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happily anticipating the start of the Tigers’ college football season. After all, how could I NOT be pumped up? Rock M has had all sorts of pieces to get us hyped up for the season ahead (or, in Nate the Realist’s case, knocking us down a few notches, ha).

Anyway, during Drink’s first game week press conference of the new season, he made sure to remark upon the need for crowds. This IS, as Dave Matter pointed out in a piece for the St. Louis Post-Disapatch, that the first time since Drink’s hiring some 21 months ago that he’s been able to pack a stadium. Last year, if you remember (and the article reminds readers of this stat), Memorial Stadium was capped at 19%, and the season attendance average was only a bit more than 11,000… in a stadium with a capacity of 61,620. It was pretty empty, y’all— I went to a few games and can attest.

From Drinkwitz, in the article:

“We’re excited to put a great product on the field and we’re excited to play. Our guys have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this season and to this moment. Some guys have sacrificed a lot to come back. Some guys are sacrificing their bodies right now to try to get back in time. It’d be awesome to be rewarded with a great crowd.”

The Tribune’s Eric Blum also wrote about the team’s hope for a great crowd, talking about what Columbia has done to put itself behind the hometown Tigers:

There’s been a lot of people engaged in a lot of things over the last 18 months to try to get this thing going. A real credit to the city of Columbia. They’ve painted ‘Mizzou’ downtown. We’ve got Tiger paws on Champions Street. We’ve got some downtown initiatives. We’ve just kicked off Black and Gold Fridays… It’s time. It really is time. Let’s put it all together. I’m not promising victories and all that every Saturday. I’m just saying, ‘Hey man, it’s time to get in and let’s get the fans here and let’s go. Let’s see what we can be.’”

So yeah….. please go to the game if you can to support the Tigers. But regardless of the guidelines (or lack thereof, as no other SEC school took LSU’s lead yet) be safe, consider wearing a mask— even outdoors, try to spread out, and please get vaxxed.

On to the Links!

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Soon, Paul. Soon.

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Other Mizzou Sports

Mizzou in the Pros

  • Sophie Cunningham & Co. clinched their playoff spot for the Mercury as PHX beat CHI 103-83 on Tuesday evening. Soph’s stat line? 16 minutes off the bench, 4 points on 2-4 shooting (0-1 from three), 1 rebound, 2 steals, 2 TO, 1 foul, for a +16 (!!)
  • In absolutely fabulous news, Larry Three-Sticks was added to the Chargers’ 53-man roster and joined another Mizzou fan favorite!


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