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Nike drops Pegasus 38s, here’s how you can get your hands on a pair

If you’re a Mizzou fan and a sneaker head, you can look just like the coaches with these shoes.

If matching your feet with your heart is something you enjoy doing, then I have the deal for you. Rock M Nation (and SB Nation) have partnered with to bring exclusive dealz to Mizzou fans and it’s centered around the Nike Pegasus 38, which was just released within the last few days.

The Pegasus release is always a big deal because you’ll see every coach wearing these shoes on the field or the court throughout the season. They look nice and they’re comfy too. The shoes are $129 and there’s currently a site wide 20% off deal (*** this 20% is not applicable to the shoes unfortunately, but anything else you might wanna pick up ***).

I’ve shopped with Fanatics before (mostly for NBA gear... hey, I gotta represent the Grizz!) and ordering is super easy, and the shipping is fast. If you order today you might even get them before the CMU kick off! The sizes are unisex so you can find your size no matter your gender identity, and Black and Gold looks good on everyone.

Use this link to connect to Fanatics: Rock M Nation + Fanatics = Good Shoes

Yes this is an E-commerce post, and yes RMN and the budget will get a very small boost if you buy from the link above. It’s one of the ways we keep your membership dues so low!