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SEC Schedule Released for Mizzou Hoops (Yes, I am aware it’s football season)

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Mizzou News for Friday, September 10

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Folks, we have a fully formed schedule!

As I’m sure all you hoops-crazed fans noticed a few weeks ago, the team released the non-con in all its glory. Here it is if you need a refresher, as it will come up later in this discussion.

And Thursday, we officially got dates for the SEC portion of the schedule. YAY! Now Sam (and myself, to a FAR, FAR lesser extent) can get to work on putting together the previews!

Let’s take a closer look at the SEC schedule, shall we? (courtesy of

What’s that old saying? If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best? Well, the Tigers will get a chance to do just that and make some noise early on when they travel to Lexington to kick off the SEC slate on Dec 29 to take on perennial conference favorite, Kentucky (record redacted as it’s not a fair indication of their prowess).

From there, Missouri will return home to face Mississippi State (8-10 SEC, 18-15 overall) for the home opener on Jan 5 before having to [gulp] host the top team from a year ago, Alabama (16-2, 26-7), on Jan 8. Just four days later, the Tigers head to Fayetteville to face the Shirtless Musselmans... I mean Arkansas (13-4, 25-7), who was the runner-up team a year ago. It’s going to be a tough little stretch of games for the new Tigers as 2022 gets into full swing.

A few other notes:

  • Missouri fans will get their first (and maybe only) glimpse of Xavier Pinson in a purple & gold Tiger uniform (ew) when the prettier, squeaky clean, wonderful, defensive-minded, normal-colored Tigers face LSU and the Cheatin Will Wades on the road Feb 26.
  • In the last week of the season, Mizzou will head to the Other Columbia to face South Carolina (I hope Frank Martin’s health has improved; I love that man) on March 1 before closing the regular season March 5 against SEC cellar-dweller Georgia at home.
  • The SEC Tournament will be held March 9-13 in Tampa, FL. Wait, what?


Parents, I may be making a trip “home” for this.

  • As pointed out, the Tigers could face up to TEN(!!) tournament teams from 2019-20, including four who finished the season in the final AP Top-25 poll.
  • And OOOOOHWEEEEE, Dave Matter is right; this stretch is going to be t-o-u-g-h when looking at the season overall.

Onto the Links!

Special shoutout to Rock M contributor, and one of my favorite people, Mr Ryan Faller, who has a birthday today! And so I’m not disowned, I’m also giving a shoutout to always Rock M reader/never Rock M commenter, Jim Steger — my dad — who’s celebrating a birthday on Saturday! Let’s get a big ol’ W in honor of your births, my guys.

Yesterday at Rock M (SOOOO MUCH CONTENT)

More Links:



  • These guys HUSTLE.
  • Micro-excellence, huh? I like it.

Other Mizzou Sports

  • Volleyball sets its sights on a couple of road wins this weekend, as they head to the UniWyo Invite in Laramie, WY. According to, the Tigers will face Northwestern this afternoon at 1pm, followed by UCSB at 6pm. On Saturday evening, they’ll face off against Wyoming at 7pm CST. Live stats will be available throughout the weekend, but you’ll need Mountain West Digital Network to stream the Saturday match.
  • LOVING those preseason rankings, ladies!
  • Mizzou’s official team sport — yes guys, it’s SOFTBALL — is back on the field. Who’s excited?

Apologies, dear readers, that we at Rock M did not share this tweet until now. It’s from a few days ago…


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