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Gamethread: Tigers @ Kentucky

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The Tigers are in Lexington today for one of their most pivotal matchups of this season. Stay tuned for updates during the game.

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Mizzou 28 - Kentucky 28


Fourth Quarter Notes

  • The third-down scramble from Bazelak was huge. He keeps finding ways to make plays when he’s needed most. That’s something you love to be able to say about your QB.
  • That dropped interception was very lucky.
  • Mizzou took advantage of that second chance, and Tyler Badie is doing Tyler Badie things. What a player this guy is. 28-28.
  • Surprised to see Jalani Williams still in this game, to say the least.
  • Well, it’s time for the Tigers to answer again after that TD. Let’s see if they can do it again.
  • On the biggest play of this season so far, Mizzou drew up a basic play that Kentucky was all over. Can’t have that happen when you need a score.
  • Blocked!!! OH MY GOODNESS!
  • Well, after that fourth down, it seems like that’s all she wrote.

Third Quarter Notes

  • That’s about as bad of a start as the Tigers could’ve had to start the half. A pick and a quick score put the Tigers behind the 8 ball again.
  • If DPJ can emerge as a threat in the red zone passing game, that can really elevate this offense.
  • The play design was great there. Mizzou is battling but when they get their chances, they have to take them.
  • A three & out after a score? That’s just what the doctor ordered. Never a better time for the defense to come up big.
  • Mizzou's offense couldn’t take advantage. Story of this game so far is that they can’t take their opportunities to tie this game.
  • Back-to-back three and outs. We will see if the Tigers can capitalize this time.
  • Mizzou’s offense looks locked in right now. They’re doing everything they can to put themselves in a position to win this game. Time for the fourth.

Second Quarter Notes

  • Jaylon Carlies with his second pick of the year, and the Tigers must tie this game now.
  • Mizzou has to find themselves in third and manageable more often. In third and long, the Tiger offense looks lost.
  • Mizzou just can’t keep letting Kentucky convert on 3rd and long.
  • After making it 21-7 Kentucky just looks like they’re on another level than Mizzou.
  • Mookie Cooper’s first catch not on a designed play was a big one on third down
  • Mizzou really needs to figure something out. They look bad on offense, and the defense is getting cut up. Not good.
  • Jaylon Carlies once again comes up big for Mizzou. That play was huge. Completely changes this game.
  • Bazelak showed amazing poise on that drive. He was never flustered and just took what was given to him. If they go 2 for 1 to tie this game, look back at this drive to end the half as a reason why.

First Quarter Notes

  • Tigers need to answer after that swift Kentucky drive
  • Dom Lovett had the first catch of his career. Only time will tell how he fits into this offense.
  • Quick 3 and out for Kentucky. Time for the Tigers' defense to step up.
  • Abrams-Draine overcommitted big time on one of those catches on the second Kentucky drive.
  • Mizzou’s defense seems flustered. This could get ugly early.
  • Screen to Badie was a great play design. They have to find more ways to get him the ball.
  • Tyler Badie makes this offense go. He’s the key. Feed him.
  • Mizzou needed that TD more than anything. Anything less than 6 there would've been a disappointment.

Pregame Updates


TIME: 6:30 CT

DATE: Saturday, September 11, 2021

LOCATION: Kroger Field, Lexington, KY

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