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This week’s team motto: Don’t be one of THOSE teams

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Mizzou News for Wednesday, September 15

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Those Teams that Lose to an FCS School, That is. And Practice Better if you Want to Play. PERIOD.

Man, I wish I’d been a fly on the wall during this press conference on Tuesday, because it sounds like Drink was ON ONE. Good thing I got to watch the video of it later (as can you, since I’ve linked it below)! Here’s some highlights:

  • From our Rock M reporter, who was on the scene: When asked how well Blaze Alldredge has played this year, Drink “just stared for a second and in the most polite way tried not to say, ‘He needs to be a lot better.’” Our reporter almost started laughing.

At least Blaze is introspective, huh?

  • When asked about the linebackers, and whether some others might see some time on Saturday, Drink had a lot of feelings to share, including saying “This isn’t tryouts… If you don’t like your role, practice better.” Additionally:
  • When asked if SEMO is a good opportunity for young guys and others on the periphery to play, Drink said, “The only way anyone is going to get the opportunity to play is if they earn it. This isn’t rec league. This is college football, and the best 11 players are going to play. This isn’t open tryouts, this isn’t participation trophy and everybody gets a chance to play…”
My reaction to hearing Drink say this on the presser video
  • In response to asking how they’re preparing for the FCS opponent ahead, Drink outlined SEMO’s awesome special teams, who have blocked 12 kicks the last three seasons and have multiple fronts and coverages that gave them trouble against Kentucky. And there’s this:

More on that little tidbit… From the NCAA’s site, when Montana beat ranked Washington this past weekend, it was the first time in five years a FCS team took down a ranked FBS school. At least Missouri doesn’t have to worry about getting that distinction, amiright?

Anyway, here’s a list of the upsets so far this season, which I would imagine is displayed in a much cooler fashion in the players’ lockers than this plain ol’ table below. BUT REALLY, DON’T BE ONE OF THESE TEAMS, MIZZOU.

Want to read a transcript and watch video of the presser? PowerMizzou has got it all for you. Seriously, I recommend a listen. The transcript does not include the really good parts where Drink just goes OFF.

On to the links!

But don’t forget: “This team is invested, and they’re trying really hard to do what we ask them to do. You can’t grow weary while doing good. We’ll get there.” —Drinkwitz

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


Crootin’ Updates

  • Well, it looks like No. 1 target, Luther Burden, will be narrowing his list down to THREE on Friday.
  • And…. his commitment is coming in the next month.
  • Aaaah. A five star PG taking an official? That’s what we like to see!
  • And here’s a bit from Matt in regards to Mizzou Hoops’ recruiting moves.


  • Get to know… Yaya Keita!
  • AB!

Other Mizzou Sports/News

  • For the first time since 2011, volleyball faced off against Kansas State (6-2) on Tuesday… and it did not go well. The Tigers dropped each of their three sets, 25-23, 25-20, 25-20, and fell to 2-8 on the season. You can read more about it at
  • Women’s Golf wrapped up their first event of the fall season at the Sam Golden Invitational in Texas. According to, after a slow start, the team capped off the two-day event on a high note carding their lowest round of the week to finish 14th.
  • Some soccer rankings news:
  • Wise words from Coach Larissa Anderson:

Mizzou in the Pros

  • ALBERT O!!

Side note: I am interested to see how this goes, as Mike has had some taeks in the past that the hosts, as well as me and countless others, do not exactly agree with...


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