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Bottoms Up, The FCS Edition

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Fall is in the air, and in our beverages

Tiger tailgate scene
This image captures the essence of this column, no?
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While the true fall weather may be a weekend away, there’s no need to wait. At the grocery this week I picked up a six pack each of Good People Oktoberfest, Yellowhammer Oktoberfest, and Bell’s Oktoberfest. Do you sense a theme? After sampling each this week, Saturday’s beer of choice will be Bell’s. While all are tasty, Bell’s was just slightly better in my book. Beyond the smoothness, it just looks the best in a glass. Depending on how the game goes, the second and third string beers may see some action, too. They’ve worked hard in practice and earned a shot if game conditions allow.

Josh risks his local Oktoberfest growler going flat

I’m maybe the world’s biggest lightweight, so therefore day drinking has never been my style. If I drink a beer before noon, guaranteed I’m going to be a sleepy, whiny mess for the rest of the day. You can make fun of me, but in my defense... nah, I absolutely deserve it. HOWEVER, I am on the east coast so Missouri kicks off directly at noon, and a lunch pint might be justified. My go-to autumn beer this year has been Sidetracked Brewing’s awww Oktoberfest, so I’ll probably snag a growler and crack it at kickoff. Unfortunately for y’all, Sidetracked - a local brewery in my town of residence - doesn’t distribute, so you’ll just have to live your lives wondering how it tastes (but for real it’s excellent, try and stop by if you’re ever in town.)

kristina bemoans the early start and web-only broadcast

11 am start time and not on actual television? Boo. Anyway, at least for the first half (ish) we’ll be at our weekly farmer’s market. Usually, we don’t sell out completely, so the owner of the local grill & bar buys what’s leftover. This usually means going over there for a drink and a small snack, and if said game was on actual tv, she’d be more than happy to turn it on. Usually, it’s whatever drier wine she has open, however, she also normally has either a new sample concoction or fun drink for us to try. Last week she made pickle shots, which yes, you need to be a fan of pickle juice, but they are very tasty. The one negative is it’s very hard to tell there’s alcohol in it, so you can get yourself in trouble. (We took a couple bottles one time to a very hot day at kickball, a few people, well, disregarded our warning and they had a very, very long day) However, she changes it up, so who knows what this Saturday will bring. The other week it was a sour watermelon martini. Not awful, but I would have sold it more as a grapefruit one as that’s what I took away from it. But hey, either way, it’s free! (That being said, this week’s better not be some fall inspired pumpkin spice deal, GTFO with that stuff)

Zwal93 pairs cheap beer with a weak opponent

It is once again FCS Week. After an all-SEC schedule relieved us of this yearly snoozefest last year, Mizzou will once again take the field against SEMO, beat them badly, and we will all move on to something more interesting by the second quarter. With that in mind, this week’s drinking recommendation is to keep it simple and light. No need to open the good stuff for this one, just find your favorite cheap beer, Miller Lite for me, down a few and spend 15 minutes pretending you aren’t more interested in watching Oklahoma bury Scott Frost’s coaching career once and for all.

Karen in the City

As mentioned in Pregamin, I will be at Schlafly’s HOP in the City in downtown St Louis (with Rock M contributor Ryan Faller) during the game so I will be partaking in any number of local brews. Keeping with the fall theme, I’m sure I’ll dabble in the Pumpkin Ale, which will knock you flat on your ass with its 8% ABV if you’re not careful and tastes just like pumpkin pie, and the Octoberfest, another favorite of mine. Since I’ll be able to try — according to their site — something like 14 styles of beer for the event in various pours — I will have a multitude of options to pair with my Mizzou win.

Join us in the comments and let us know what you’ll be enjoying during the game!