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Pourover: Mostly painless

SEMO provided little resistance and Missouri’s FCS week was a forgettable one.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 18 Southeast Missouri at Missouri Photo by Rick Ulreich/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I don’t look forward to FCS week.

Very few good things come out of it. Your hope is to not get anyone hurt, get some reps in for your backups, and win big. Obviously you don’t want to have to suffer through a performance like Kentucky did against Chattanooga, and you definitely don’t want to end up on this list either. Here are the recent FCS week scores for Missouri:

  • 2019 — Mizzou 50, SEMO 0
  • 2018 — Mizzou 51, UT-Martin 14
  • 2017 — Mizzou 72, Missouri State 43
  • 2016 — Mizzou 79, Delaware St 0
  • 2015 — Mizzou 34, SEMO 3

So outside of Mizzou’s historically poor offensive performance in 2015 (yeah that was a tough year) and their historically poor defensive performance in 2017 (that year was just an odd year since Mizzou started 1-5 and the one win was against Mo State), Mizzou is basically creaming their FCS opponent by making the games uncompetitive before the end of the 1st quarter.

So it should surprise no one when the Tigers took 21-0 lead after one quarter, and 38-0 at halftime. It was then 45-0 before SEMO crossed the 50 yard line. By then the second and third string players were entering the chat for Missouri, and SEMO began to move the ball.

And boy did they.

I guess we did learn a few things, mostly that the issues on defense extend beyond the starters. And despite the struggles of the starters in the first two games, or at least those who are seeing snaps at the top of the depth, they’re at the top of the depth for a reason.

We also got our weekly reminder that Tyler Badie is awesome, and Connor Bazelak is pretty good, too. It was nice to see Brady Cook and Tyler Macon come into the game and make some throws. Both looked like they can sling it.

Outside of that I’m not sure what you were hoping to find out against SEMO? Darius Robinson left the field with an injury, which isn’t great. But other than that Mizzou accomplished what you wanted and have a trip east to face a Boston College team coming off a 28-3 win over Temple.

Staying on schedule this season is important, and so far Mizzou is still very much on schedule. They won the opener, took a hard fought loss in Lexington, dispatched their FCS foe, and now they need to unearth a win in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Here are the full stats from Statbroadcast but you should still read BTBS later this week:

Here are your other SEC scores:

  • 1. Alabama 31, 11. Florida 29
  • 7. Texas A&M 34, New Mexico 0
  • Tennessee 56, Tennessee Tech 0
  • Kentucky 28, Chattanooga 23
  • 20. Arkansas 45, Georgia Southern 10
  • Memphis 31, Mississippi State 29
  • 2. Georgia 40, South Carolina 13
  • 10. Penn State 28, 22. Auburn 20
  • LSU 49, Central Michigan 21
  • 17. Ole Miss 61 , Tulane 21
  • Stanford 41, Vanderbilt 23

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