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Rock M Roll Call: Welcome to the 2021 Mizzou Year

It’s the beginning of Rock M Nation’s calendar year, and as such, it is time for the annual tradition getting to know each other a little better.

University of Missouri Football

The first football game of the season tends to be the first day of the first month of the calendar year over here at Rock M Nation. And, when that times comes, we enjoy opening the floor to the commentariat to have you all share your stories of glory, disgrace, and personal growth as we happily prance (this year, anyway) into a brand new season of Mizzou sports. It’s a great way for everyone to catch up, be civil (try, please), and get excited about the year in football - and all Tiger sports - ahead.

So, tell us about yourself! You too, lurkers! Everyone has a story and we want to hear YOURS.

You can check out past Roll Calls here:

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  1. How did you find Rock M Nation, and what has made you come back?
  2. What is your connection to the University of Missouri? Alum? Student? Raised as a fan?
  3. If you could have drinks with any other RMN commenter or masthead member, who would it be and why? And what are you ordering them?
  4. What is your favorite Mizzou memory of all time? What is your least favorite memory?
  5. In what team sport will Mizzou win its next National Championship?
  6. Which would you prefer in Year Two of the Drinkwitz regime:

a. An 8-5 finish with losses to A&M, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and the bowl game


b. A 5-7 finish with wins over A&M, Georgia, and Florida but losses to CMU, Tennessee, and Arkansas

7. Describe your ideal Mizzou day. Are you hitting up Booches and Big 12? Or are you tailgating with a few Logboat brews off of Providence?

8. We have a prediction thread right here but go ahead and share in this thread as well: give us your final record prediction for Mizzou Football in 2021. Who are your MVPs on offense and defense?