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Don’t Count on Seeing the Tigers in MA After Saturday

Mizzou News for Wednesday, September 22

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Massachusetts, See You Never

You guys, I like Massachusetts. I really do. My parents lived in Fall River (home of Lizzie Borden and Battleship Cove, for you history buffs out there) for 13 years, and I L-O-V-E Boston. While I would never cheer for their sports teams (aside from the Celtics— big Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum fan here), the area is amazing. The history, the architecture, the schools, the atmosphere… all top notch. But just as I will likely never visit again, if Drinkwitz has anything to say about it, the Tigers will not either.

From his presser on Tuesday,in regards to this game, which was scheduled P.D. (pre-Drink) in 2015:

“This is by no means is any knock on Boston College, because I think it’s a great game and it will be a tremendous test,” Drinkwitz said at his Tuesday press conference. “… Us traveling to Boston is going to be a very difficult test. If I had my pick of it, I would love to play a regional matchup that was maybe more of a rivalry game that would be maybe a little bit more exciting for recruits to watch from a TV perspective. Or maybe we’re playing in front of your family. I don’t know the last time Missouri signed a kid from the great state of Massachusetts.”

For reference, Missouri has upcoming series with more regional teams, including with Illinois, Kansas, Kansas State, and Colorado, per Dave Matter.

He continued, discussing BC’s defense:

“Defensively, very talented football team. They’ve got a tremendous scheme, do a great job of mixing in their their fronts, mixing in their coverages and pressures. Got a lot of experience. I feel like I say the same thing every year and I forget that it’s a COVID year, but they’ve got a lot of experience, lot of guys returning, a lot of guys up front. I think all four starters in the secondary come back. So a lot of experience in their system and what they’re trying to do. … First time I believe Mizzou has ever played Boston College. Excited about that schedule to really open up some recruiting grounds for us in the Northeast. That’s a joke, guys.”

As for other news from Drinkwitz, select players, and the interview with BC’s head coach, here’s some highlights:

  • From Martez Manuel, on criticism of the run defense, which we all hope improves soon:

More on stopping the run from Drink:

“I mean, I felt prepared going into all of them to stop the run. We got to do it. We got to do it. So yeah, I don’t know. We’ll find out Saturday. I mean, I promise you they’re gonna run the football. So we’ll find out Saturday. I mean, it’s all talk right now. So, we’ll find out Saturday, and if we bring our stuff if, we bring the physicality, if we bring leverage in eyes and hands, or if we don’t.”

  • Boston College Coach Jeff Hafley, on attendance at an early tipoff:

On to the links!

But first, some wise words from Coach Larissa Anderson…

Yesterday at Rock M (SOOOO MUCH CONTENT)

More Links:


Crootin’ Updates

  • Coach Marco Harris-Stevens checked out 6’4 Oklahoma and BBE point guard, Jeremiah Johnson
  • Updated crystal ball predictions for Football’s numero uno target, Luther Burden

Hoops & Softball

  • Get to know… Sean Durugordon!
  • Another day, another volunteer opportunity for Women’s Hoops. They really do a lot for the community.
  • Love this! Coach A is right, in the times of Transferportapalooza, you never know what’s going to happen. It is QUITE the phenomenon that not one, not two, but SEVEN of her players decided to either come back for another year of eligibility or stay through their senior year. S-E-V-E-N. That’s unheard of, y’all.

Other Mizzou Sports/News

  • This is nice!
  • Interesting. I imagine this to be like my first grade science fair project, testing if corked bats really work.

Mizzou in the Pros

  • Get it, SOPH!!
  • Yeesh, Max.


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