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Bottoms Up! The Leaf Peeping Edition

Fall in New England!

A tailgate from five years ago
Will BC get buried under a pile of Tigers?
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It’s officially fall, and the weather is starting to reflect it. If you ever thought a fun trip would be to combine a Mizzou football game with some New England leaf peeping, this appears to be your last chance for a while, as Coach Drink really shows no interest in visiting Chestnut Hill again. This early in the season, you’d need to head a good distance towards the Canadian border to catch peak color. Of course, if you really want to combine football and looking at colorful leaves, a game at Tennessee in late October some year should provide you that opportunity.

I am not spending my weekend in greater Boston, so I will not be thinking about leaves. I’m in Asheville, NC, where everything is still green. More importantly for this column, there are many, many breweries to choose from here. While not originally from Asheville, New Belgium did open a brewery here a few years ago, and it is a fun place to visit with many tasty offerings. I’m a fan of their Trippel and Honey Orange Tripel. And I have no idea why one is spelled with two p’s and the other is spelled with one. If I don’t make it there, I did pick up a six pack of Pisgah Oktoberfest that looks tasty.

kristina loves early starts and margaritas

I guess at this point complaining about the early start times won’t get me anywhere so moving on.................. same bat channel, same bat time. Won’t be back until at least halftime, though our good friends will actually be in attendance for this one, so I’m sure I’ll be getting text updates on how their day is going. Great day for sports watching, besides Mizzou of course; we have the Ryder cup and afternoon Cards baseball, much excitement! (Hell, even preseason hockey, LGB!!) Thinking for a good most-of-the-afternoon drink, we’ll probably go with margaritas. Base is Espolòn Blanco for the cost— it’s really nice and won’t break the bank, but is much better than your “never again” cheap college tequila. Key lime juice, a little orange liqueur, a dash of sweetener, and you’re good to go. Really think the key lime juices is the difference maker, so good. Though I do just buy the bottle of the stuff; ain’t nobody got the time to do fresh squeezed key limes. (Sadly, it probably would make it even better since fresh squeezed OJ makes for a hell of a mimosa)

Zwal93 refuses to cave to the obvious choice

Happy Game Day! The Tigers are shipping up to Boston to take on Boston College and I simply refuse to suggest Sam Adams this week, sorry to my dad if he’s reading this. The weather across the country has been cool this week and apparently Wednesday was the first day of fall. I’m going to hold off on suggesting pumpkin beer just yet, and say this is the perfect weekend to find a few of your favorite Oktoberfest beers and make your way through those.

Mimosa Time for Karen?

Unless I find time to run by the store to pick up some more fall beer beforehand, I only have one Schlafly Pumpkin Ale left from my Kentucky game stash. In that case, I’ll probably pop open a bottle of bubbly and pair some mimosas with my way-too-early tipoff. I received a coupon from Naked Wines, an independent winemakers subscription type deal, in one of my random meal delivery boxes at some point (message me if you want a code for the wine club or the meal boxes, I have a bunch), so I have quite a stash of wine in my condo at the moment, including a couple bottles of Rob McNeill California Brut NV, which according to my app is a “fine, fizzy harmony of fresh fruity flavors like apple and pear, sprinkled with a light layer of zesty citrus and a clean, oh-so satisfying finish.” We’ll give that a go with a splash of Simply Mango, and see where the football game takes us. I may even try to make it out to the softball stadium for the first Fall Ball game vs SLU depending upon how the FB game is going.

Join us below in the comments and let us know what you’ll be drinking and eating during the game!