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Gamethread: Mizzou @ Boston College

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In one of the more pivotal swing games of the year, the Tigers are shipping up to Boston to face an undefeated Eagles team

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Mizzou 34 - Boston College 41


OT Notes

  • Well, let’s see how much more magic Bazelak has.
  • Bazelak hadn’t forced anything all game, first play of OT he threw it into triple coverage. That’s your ballgame.

Fourth Quarter Notes

  • The third down throw to Tauskie was clutch from Bazelak. It’s been bleak, but I don’t think this game is anywhere near over.
  • WHAT A 3 AND OUT. For the first time this year, the Missouri Tigers defense made a play they needed to play in order to set their offense up.
  • I’m biased, but I love JJ Hester. The kid has great hands, runs good routes, and deserves more playing time.
  • Tyler Badie has never failed to deliver for this team. What a player. He’s got a case right now that he could be the best back in the SEC.
  • The unnecessary roughness on the kick is just a mindless mistake you can’t make in a game as close as this.
  • Blaze Alldredge needs to learn that people shouldn’t fall forward every time you tackle them.
  • These last 40 seconds mean everything for this season.
  • BC said “We are tougher than you, prove us wrong.” Mizzou didn’t answer.

Third Quarter Notes

  • That BC drive was perfectly methodical. They could do whatever they want, and Mizzou’s defense can’t do anything against this BC O-Line.
  • Well, after trailing for the first time in the game, a pick is not what the doctor ordered.
  • The run defense isn’t giving up big plays right now, but they can’t stop BC from getting 6 yards every play.
  • Giving up that fourth down on a QB scramble is absolutely backbreaking.
  • The way BC is just slowly running the ball down Mizzou’s throat looks like a slow painful torturous death that is inevitable.
  • Just giving Mevis a chance is all you ask for here. He’s got the confidence, give him the chance.

Second Quarter Notes

  • Akayleb Evans is having his worst game of the year so far. He’s given up three catches and now a touchdown. Very uncharacteristic for one of the more solid Mizzou defenders this year.
  • BC is doing a great job of containing Badie. It’s clear that they don’t want to let Badie beat them.
  • Benching Alldredge and Nicholson was a clear statement from Drinkwitz. It led to a three-and-out so that change might be here to stay.
  • If I was Boston College, I would never throw the ball, but I guess that’s just me.
  • Bazelak is so poised. He takes exactly what the defense is giving him. He’s not flashy, but he rarely makes a mistake.
  • For the first time this year, Mizzou didn’t score a TD when in the red zone.
  • Akayleb Evans is getting absolutely torched.
  • Shawn Robinson can’t drop that.
  • What a sack. That made the FG much less certain.
  • That was a great kick by the true freshman there.

First Quarter Notes

  • Questionable play call with the inside zone on 3rd and 5. I think the idea was to get a couple of yards and go for it, but once it was blown up, that plan changed. Roughing the kicker bailed the Tigers out tho.
  • That catch by Keke was actually extremely impressive after the deflection.
  • What a first drive. Apart from that third-down play that was near perfection. We will see if they can keep it up.
  • Shawn Robinson’s first pick and how can you not root for this guy. What a start for the Tigers.
  • The key to this Tiger’s offense is clear. Avoid 3rd and long, when they operate at 3rd and 5 or shorter, they are so efficient.
  • Grant McKinnis is a punt machine. Actually incredible.
  • Zay Flowers is going to be a problem.
  • That was some of the worst run defense I have seen in a long time. He broke 4 arm tackles. It looks like the Tigers still haven’t figured it out.
  • The drag route that Drink drew up on third down, was a great playcall. If this team can figure out how to consistently stretch the field, the offense would hit another level.
  • Drinkwitz sure does love flee flickers doesn’t. That’s the first of this year I believe, but there were a few last year, too.
  • The offense is moving. It’s time for the defense to step up.
  • ZERO GAP INTEGRITY. This is actually painful to watch.

Pregame Updates


TIME: 11:00 CT

DATE: Saturday, September 25, 2021

LOCATION: Alumni Stadium, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

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