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Michael Porter Jr. secures a major bag in Denver

Mizzou Links for September 28, 2021.

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Baby, you’re a rich man!

I think we all need a break from Mizzou Football off the top, don’t you? So let’s turn to the world of basketball, where one former Mizzou Tiger just made himself a whooooooooole lot of money.

According to the Great and Power Woj, Mizzou’s one-hit wonder Michael Porter, Jr. has signed a max contract extension, becoming the fifth member of his draft class to do so.

Our friends at Denver Stiffs wrote about the contract, which is technically a max that could become a supermax if MPJ makes an All-NBA team this coming season.

For a player labeled selfish and an injury disaster prior to the draft, Porter has been a consummate team player and healthier than several of his teammates. The back concerns haven’t materialized, with his only major time missed being a rolled ankle and Covid protocols. Porter will have the chance to prove he is worth that contract this year with Murray out and Porter filling the Second Star role next to Nikola Jokic...

I can’t seem to recall a ton of “Michael Porter Jr. is selfish” takes from around the draft, though I do remember some people questioning his social media antics, which seemed fairly benign. The back issues, however, were a very serious concern, and it’s been a joy to see Porter put them behind him.

Anyway, congrats Michael! Have a shot (or two!) to celebrate your good fortune!

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