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LOOK: Week 2 Depth Chart Established

Wait...this looks familiar

You can follow the ever-evolving (or lack thereof) depth chart over the 2021 season by week by clicking the links below:

Week 1

Central Michigan has been beat, the celebrating is complete, and we move on to Kentucky week. Eli Drinkwitz met with the media on Tuesday afternoon and sent out the updated depth chart. It looks like this:

1st Team
2nd Team

Oh. Would you look at that. No changes.

Well...technically there is ONE change, which is Mookie Cooper is listed as the third string H receiver. So there’s your development.

But, yes, we’re just going to continue to pretend that Ish Burdine and Ennis Rakestraw are your #1 starting corners and Akayleb Evans and Allie Green IV are “OR” starters at best. Yup.

Keep in mind the point BK made on the show last week: these depth charts sent out to the media are usually not constructed by the coaching staff, rather by a Sports Information Director (SID) who, yes, watches practice but has no say in who slots where.

Regardless, Missouri will be battling their most agonizing nemesis of the past eight years with the same names in the same places on the piece of paper the team hands out to the media. Hopefully it leads to the same result as last week!