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More Free Basketball in CoMo Leads to Win 13, AB Reaches 1K

Mizzou News for Friday, January 7

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This TEAM, y’all…. They just don’t give up. Mizzou trailed for the majority of the game and came out looking like they hadn’t practiced in almost a week (newsflash: they hadn’t) until a 12-0 run late in the third quarter gave Coach P’s Tigers its largest lead before the fourth quarter. But Auburn answered and went on their own little 9-0 run midway through the fourth quarter which gave them the lead back. Mizzou didn’t panic, though. They picked up the defense, played scrappy basketball, and got back into the game with some remarkable play by a chorus of Tigers.

When Auburn forced OT and knotted the score at 59, Mizzou kicked it into high gear, finally stopped turning the ball over (they had 20 — YES, 20 — in the game), and put the nail in the coffin, outscoring the other Tigers 13-4 in the extra time. Yes, you read that right. In overtime, with a whole FIVE minutes on the game clock, HALF of a normal quarter, our Tigers scored 13 points. For reference, they scored 14 total in the fourth quarter. DOMINANCE.

From Robin Pingeton in the post game:

“It wasn’t pretty, but showed some grittiness and toughness and leaned in... At this point in the season, being out of practice, that’s what you got to do—you gotta find a way.”

“Our” Tigers were led by LaDazhia Williams, who played 41 minutes and scored a career high 25 points. Lauren Hansen, playing her former team, scored 17 and made 3-4 of her triples, and Hayley Frank had 15 points to go with FOUR BLOCKS.

And you can’t forget AB. Aijha Blackwell is only a junior. Aijha Blackwell likes buckets. Aijha Blackwell, who didn’t practice for quite some time after being out with Covid for the South Carolina game on Dec 30, did not appear to be at her best, as one would expect given the circumstances. AB looked a little rusty, a little slower, and not as bouncy and rebounder-y (yes, I’ve made up a word) for much of the game. But man, did our girl TURN IT UP (as well as her teammates, but this is about her specifically) when Mizzou needed it the most. From 1:52 left in the fourth quarter til 0:32 left in OT, Aijha had: 3 defensive rebounds, 1 offensive rebound, a free throw, and a layup. While she didn’t take many shots in that timespan (only two), what she did for her teammates was invaluable. Despite likely running on fumes, AB played 38 minutes, shot 6-12 from the field (0-1 from three) and had 14 rebounds, recording her tenth double-double of the season. She’s now got 30 of those in her career, per


So much congratulations goes out to AB. What an honor, and she’s only a junior (and just the 14th Tiger to reach this milestone before her senior season). Y’all, we are so lucky to have her in the black and gold.

I ask once more of the Basketball Gods— can you hear me? Can some of this amazing juju rub off on the men’s team? Some of them were there, after all, and I’m hoping the good vibes from the women transfer themselves right on over to the men, who desperately need it. Also, you’ll be happy to know that Yaya Keita was wearing a mask the entire time (I also spotted him at Target wearing one too, so safety first).

I spy: the Brothers Brown, RDGIII, and Yaya!
Karen’s iPhone

One last thing… For those of you keeping tabs on the the NET rankings after my Wednesday rant and in Lauren’s post — WHICH YOU SHOULD READ — this win brought Mizzou up two spots, to No. 42 [long dramatic sigh], while it took Auburn down one spot from 86 to 87. This is considered Mizzou’s second-best home win of the season, rankings-wise. The NET is stupid, y’all.

ON TO THE LINKS. But first, watch this.

Yesterday at Rock M

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Crootin’ and Transferrin’ Social Media Stuff

  • In a wild punch-you-in-the-gut-and-knock-the-wind-outta-you kinda way, Mekhi Wingo announced he is transferring from Mizzou. The same Mekhi who on December 25 said he couldn’t wait til next season. The same Mekhi who made the All-Freshman team. This one is sad, y’all. We here at Rock M did NOT see this one coming. Best of luck, sir….
  • Akial Byers, who we believe has run out of eligibility, has declared for the NFL. Best of luck, Akial. Enjoyed watching you in the black + gold, and hopefully we’ll see you at the next level.
  • Connor Bazelak has announced his new destination: Indiana University. Fun Fact: Once upon a time, this was where I really, really really wanted to go to school and swim. Best of luck in the Big Ten, Baze.
  • “Hmmmm….”, tweeted Matthew J Harris when this popped up.

Other Mizzou Sports

This season marks the third-consecutive year the Tigers have been ranked 16 in the Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association going into the season. This also marks the sixth-consecutive season, Mizzou was selected in the top 20.

After earning its highest-ever Southeastern Conference Championship score, the Tigers look to continue their success.

The freshman class represents the nation’s fourth-ranked recruiting class.

TEN individual Tigers have times ranked in the top-25 in the nation. Senior Danny Kovac has four top-10 times, including the nation’s second fastest time in the 200 fly. For the women, senior Sarah Thompson also has four top-ten times.

  • Looks like soccer has picked up a commit, though we’ll have to wait and see who it is. Good work, coach!

Mizzou in the Pros

  • In DRUUUUUUUUUU’s first game back with the SkyForce after a very long layoff, he started the game, but was largely unproductive (sad face). In his 23 minutes, he scored only 4 points on 1-8 shooting (0-3 from three), with 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block, 3 TO, and 6 (?) fouls. Weirdly enough, despite what looked like a disappointing performance stats-wise, Dru was one of only TWO SkyForce players in the + of the +/-. He was a +2. So, congrats?
  • JC and the Fightin Quin Snyders faced off against a still MPJ-less Nuggets squad on Wednesday night and were victorious, winning 115-109. In his 31 minutes, Clarkson had 13 points on 5-13 shooting (3-8 from three), with 1 rebound, 2 assists, 1 steal, 3 TO, and 5 fouls. He was +3 on the night.

Side note: I was today years old when I learned that the NBA allows 6 fouls. Hmmmm…. Apologies for my ignorance. Also, that means Tilly has yet to foul out in the professional ranks. So proud of him [wipes tear]

  • Former Mizzou golfer Hayden Buckley will be competing in the Sony Open next week.

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