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Drinkwitz kicks off bye week with mystery commitment for 2023 class

Mizzou Links for Oct. 11, 2022.

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Give me something good to hold onto, please

In typical Eli Drinkwitz fashion, we’ve started off the bye week with a bang.

The bat signal alludes to a mysterious commitment for next year’s class, though we didn’t get any official word on who it may be on Monday night. History tells us that Drinkwitz’s bye week recruiting is elite. And while it may not be a Luther Burden level commitment, it’s fun to dream about the future NIL potato chip deals that may be in the offing.

And a message to recruits considering Mizzou: Even if your route to success is a little more circuitous, we’ll love you to death. Exhibit A: The career of Ennis Rakestraw, Jr.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Outdoor wrestling duel to kick off wrestling season? Who says no?
  • Steve Wilks is a case study in Mizzou producing success. Spend one year in Columbia, get an NFL head coaching job. Math checks out!
  • Dennis Gates seems pretty determined to bring in every living basketball coach to visit with his 2022-2023 roster, which I guess isn’t the worst strategy!

He also posted his regular promo for all things Mizzou Sports in case you missed it.

  • ICYMI: Walk-on Ben Sternberg produced a fun video detailing a day in the life of a Mizzou Basketball player. My takeaway? Man needs more veggies in his life.

And another!