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Missouri Football Presser Notes: Bye Week

Five member of the media met with the media on Tuesday to recap the Florida game and discuss what they’re focusing on during the bye week.

NCAA Football: Florida at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Dominic Lovett | Wide Receiver | Sophomore

  • “I’ve just been staying humble, everything that is given to you can be taken away. I could have one good week and then one bad week, so I don’t pay attention to the stats much. I’m blessed though.” On his success this season and how he’s handled it
  • “The bye week came perfect, we’re growing as a team. We just gotta get over that one hump. Once we do, we’ll be a scary sight.” On the timing of the bye week and this team’s growth
  • “I had to sit back and learn from the older guys, I wasn’t this player when I got here. I’m very thankful.” On his development from freshman year
  • “95.5%, I felt good running.” On how healthy he felt entering the Florida game. Lovett says he is now 100%.
  • “I told him (Mekhi Miller) smile, he had nerves. That was pretty big. A college team is built of everyone that’s the best on their former team (high school), so for him not to get down and still contribute is huge. Smiling is a part of the game, too. Remember that name.” On Mekhi Miller getting significant snaps against Florida and making a big catch
  • “We in the SEC. We not gonna get all the calls. We do a drill called the SEC drill, where you gotta make catches while being held. You’re not always gonna get that piddy-pat call, you just gotta make a play.” On the physicality Florida’s DBs presented

Harrison Mevis | Kicker | Junior

“It’s just me doing my job, putting 3 points on the board.” On his 5/5 performance against UGA

“Nothing was different.” On what how he prepped for the Georgia game following Auburn

“I go back to freshman-senior year of high school, I went to kick every day after school. I go back on my training so I’m never really too down on myself.” On where he gets his confident mindset

“I was excited, excited for the opportunity. Fun kick.” On the 56-yarder against Georgia

“That was just adrenaline, I was just excited.” On his strut after his kick against UGA

“(Kicking) 100%. Going into every game expecting I’ll have to make a game-winning kick.” On his goals for the rest of the season

Mekhi Miller | Wide Receiver | Freshman

“The main thing is trusting the process. Can’t become selfish, especially when the receiver room is so tight.” On how he’s handled biding his time when not seeing the field much

“He’s always in my ear. He’s always just telling me to smile.” On him and Lovett’s relationship

“When you go against our defense, every day, the nerves press out.” On how he felt going out there against Florida

“You just gotta get comfortable with the speed of the game. A lot of people are bigger and faster than you, and you’ve just to be strong.” On how he’s adjusted to life in the SEC

“If we’re going over a play on the sideline, I’ll always ask him how he would run it or what he’s saying out there.” On how Barrett Banister has helped him

Martez Manuel | Safety | Senior

“We’re one play away from turning it around. Only way we can get better is by keeping going. Still a long season ahead.”

“Bye week is always good, we’ve been at this since January. People’s bodies are hurting, so it’s good.”

“A lot of these players we’ve had for years, but this year we are playing together. We’re all playing for the ‘Death Row Defense’, we’re playing for something bigger than ourselves for the first time.” On how this defense is different in 2022

“Coach Baker is a smart man. He had us prepared to work in the box and coverage, so it didn’t faze us.” On stepping up with only 3 scholarship DBs against UF

“It’s on me to have my guys ready. In the last period of team practice, I have to make sure we’re practicing right. Cause now with these fourth quarter, you see the proof is in the pudding.” On the defense losing gas in the fourth quarter

“You just keep swinging and keep chopping wood and we keep getting so close. As a captain, I keep making them believe that we’ll do it, and we keep getting so close. So it’s tough.” On how he’s leading the team through these close losses

Connor Wood | Offensive Guard | Senior

“Execution, some plays we’re one block or one player away. It’s everybody.” On what the offensive line needs to improve going forward

“We have too many missed opportunities, and we have to correct that.”

“When we struggle, one guy is on one page and rest are on another.” On the reasoning behind the O-line’s struggle

“This bye week is awesome because it allows us to step back and see the offense and the gameplan.” On the benefits of a bye week

“You have to take ownership of what happened to you, you can’t be pointing fingers.” On how to handle struggles on the line

Connor mentioned executing about 20 times, which probably is not even an exaggeration. Clearly is a big point of emphasis in the offensive line room this week.