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Where Else Could Mizzou Wrestling Compete?

Mizzou Wrestling opens its season on the Mizzou Softball Field. Where else could they have a potential meet in the future?

Levi hates that this pic is off center, but everyone else loves it.
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Mizzou wrestling head coach Brian Smith announced they will open their first home dual outside on the Mizzou Softball Field! While the weather for this day could be anything from snow to 150-degree heat, it is still an exciting event and something that could spike interest in fans to watch one of the nation’s top teams compete.

Looking into creative venues for sporting events, I wondered what other possible venues this Tiger Style team could reach out to in an attempt to find other unique ways to have a dual.

Memorial Stadium (Faurot Field)

While wrestling is a winter sport, being outside this time of year is always a risk in the weather. Faurot Field would be an interesting place to hold a wrestling meet. Whether they would allow extra seating or stands on the field is unknown but nonetheless would keep things interesting whether it be a late-night dual or even a day-long tournament.

Mizzou Arena

While this has already happened, having a dual in the Mizzou Arena is still a cool opportunity just to give the fans and athletes a change in scenery.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 22 Tennessee at Missouri Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jesse Auditorium

Although the Tigers have previously competed in Jesse Auditorium, it has been a while and is still unique to fans, and once again, a change in scenery or moving to a new spot is always something that can grab people’s attention and pull them towards an event they may not realize is right there.

Tiger Style Wrestling Room

Is this even possible? I don’t know for sure, but they have a quality wrestling room where these guys bust their tails, and an opportunity to showcase their facility could be something Coach Smith and his staff may be interested in.

In Front of the Columns (on the Quad)

Yes, I’ll admit I am stealing an idea from the basketball teams’ recent “Mizzou Madness” event, but how can you not? It was pretty cool to see an event hosted in front of the historic Columns and Jesse Hall at the University of Missouri.

Marceline (MO) High School

This is never going to happen, but it’s an opportunity to give my old school a shout out and honestly, if Mizzou had a dual there, the seats would be full! There are plenty of Mizzou and wrestling fans in general around the area so the crowd pull would be interesting to see! The Tigers have done multiple events around larger high schools, so why not jump to a small school and give them a show?!

On the corner of 9th & Elm Street

Is this the ideal location? Probably not, but is it a cool location! Why not throw a wrestling dual between Shakespeare’s and Campus Bar? Come grab some pizza and a beer and watch Tiger Style compete against top opponents!


There are several ideas and locations you could take the Tiger Style Wrestling to for a dual or tournament. Outdoor locations would definitely have to be early in the year, as the weather would play a large factor in that decision. Nonetheless, wrestling season is coming upon us, and it’s time to strap up for another season!

(Editor’s Note: I’m wondering if they had to find a “unique” place to hold the match because Hearnes will be used as a campus polling place the next day and it has to be set u. As someone who has worked these before —and will be there on Nov 8— I’m betting that had something to do with it. They couldn’t use Mizzou Arena because of the game Monday night, either)