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LOOK: Shirts and Pants Revealed for Vanderbilt Week

The Missouri football equipment managers had a decision to make on what the team would wear and they certainly made a decision.

First, Eli Drinkwitz mentioned in his weekly pow wow with the media that the team would be unveiling a new uniform combination this Saturday. It’s rare for the football coach to make open remarks on the football team’s clothes so...ok, yeah, you have our interest.

Then, the official Missouri football Twitter account dropped a sneak preview...

...and once again our interest was piqued.

Then, today, we got the official roll out. And, lo, the secret was finally released:

Whew. Lot to unpack here. Literally, if you believe the video.

First...Kris, what are you doing wandering around a construction site late at night? Safety first, my dude! Not a safe decision!

Second, I fully endorse somehow finding yourself in the stadium by yourself at night. Is it trespassing? Absolutely. Will I openly admit doing so as a youth? Certainly not. Is it a super cool feeling that’s hard to replicate?’d have to ask someone who has done the deed.

Now...the uniforms. Mixed bag, to say the least? Missouri has sported gold shirts and black pants a handful of times in the recent years but it has been one of the rarer combinations we’ve seen. So...nice to see that, I guess? You have the sailor tiger throwback logo which, yes, is a fun nostalgia trip but every single animal mascot in college sports has some iteration of the “fierce-animal-in-a-whimsical-sailor-hat” motif and, to me, the tiger version is nothing special. The hats are black with the usual stripe down the center which is good. And, of course, for the first time (as far as I can tell?) they’ll be rocking yellow facemasks. Not gold, yellow. Neat?

Here’s the thing: the individual pieces are good but they just don’t seem to work together as a full uniform. I want to like it I just...don’t.

But enough about me, what say you?


This week’s shirts and pants combo is...

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  • 12%
    Elite. Why have we never seen this before? Wear it all the time!
    (39 votes)
  • 39%
    Good. Lots to like here just needs a few alterations.
    (122 votes)
  • 10%
    I have no opinion about the shirts and pants the Missouri football team wears.
    (33 votes)
  • 13%
    Bad. Any uniform combo that brings back memories of the ‘08 loss to kansas is not worth repeating.
    (43 votes)
  • 23%
    Awful. It looks like what happens when you let a 4-year old dress themselves.
    (73 votes)
310 votes total Vote Now