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Memorable Moments Featuring Food on College Football Broadcasts

With last week’s love affair between the SEC Network announcers and fried foods, let’s take a look at some memorable moments when food was at the forefront of a college football broadcast — both hunger-inducing and horrifying

USA Today/For The Win

On last week’s Texas A&M vs South Carolina broadcast on SEC Network, there was a time-honored treat of college football: producers filling time with gratuitous food content. Viewers enjoyed a delightful romp through the gluttonous offerings of the South Carolina state fair, and we watched in joy as Jordan Rodgers went to town on a corn dog, fed his play-by-play man (and Columbia native) Tom Hart a turkey leg, and Cole Cubelic housed a donut burger on the sidelines.

It was a glorious affair, and not just because of Rodgers openly lusting for the delectable dogs on air.

The segment carried on a fine tradition in televised college football: filling time with broadcasters and fans enjoying delectable delights. But these moments are not always mouth-watering – no, sometimes it can be the opposite. Either way, it makes for entertaining television and fantastic content.

Let’s take a minute to run down some of the best moments in recent history at the intersection of foodstuffs and college football broadcasting. This isn’t a comprehensive list, or any sort of ranking – feel free to share some great moments you might remember fondly (or not so fondly) in the comments.

We’ll start with the aforementioned Rodgers/Hart/Cubelic love affair with fried foods, in case you missed it.

While watching people eat was fun for viewers, the real joy was Rodger’s rapturous reaction when he first saw the corn dogs.

But this was only the second great moment of the day featuring game announcers and snacks. In the noon window, Robert Griffin III and Mark Jones enjoyed some popcorn during the Cincinnati and SMU game.

Of course RGIII nails the self-toss on first try. From an All-American sprinter, Heisman Trophy, NFL Rookie of the Year, to insightful broadcasting. Is there anything he can’t do? RGIII is an American hero.

Another hero is the Minnesota support staff member eating a Dilly Bar on the sidelines in the snow. A truly iconic college football moment – put it up there with the Kick Six, Flutie-to-Phelan, and Vince Young to the pylon.

Not every moment is so appetizing, though. Who can ever forget Shane Beamer’s iconic mayo bath after winning the 2021 Duke’s Mayo Bowl?

This is horrifying, frankly. Mayo is delicious, but I want it in my sandwiches, not my ear canal.

Beamer wasn’t the only one to get an odd post-Bowl celebratory dump. Dabo Swinney got absolutely wiped out by a bucket full of Cheez-Its after winning the, you guessed it, Cheez-It Bowl.

USA Today

The food moments aren’t always as punk rock as a Cheez-It bath, mayo to the dome, or ice cream in the snow. Sometimes it’s a well-produced package, like Todd Blackledge’s traditional Taste of the Town segment. The former Penn State quarterback puts on his best Bourdain impression and would hit up local hot spots in the now-defunct segment.

Sometimes the fans get in on the action, too. Nine years ago this Washington State fan had his moment in the sun as he devoured a bag of popcorn on a rainy night in the Palouse.

Earlier this year, an ESPN broadcast captured BYU students sharing bites of a local treat known as the “Cougar Tail,” which is some sort of eclair-adjacent treat. Sounds good, but I don’t want to share any food with fifty of my closest friends. Maybe a bad idea during a global pandemic? I dunno, I’m not a doctor.

And in our final clip, we visit Mike Golic, Jr interrupting the Duke’s Mayo Bowl game to invent new ways to do horrible things with mayonnaise. Listen, I like mayo as much as the next guy. It’s actually a better fat for making your grilled cheese than butter, and I will die on that hill. But please for the love of all that is holy, don’t put mayo on your dang Oreo cookies.

What about you? Share your favorite college football moment in the comments, or tell us if you would dip your dessert in Duke’s. Actually, now that I consider it, don’t share that second part.