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Rock M Digest: Volume 2

A weekly list of fantastic stories (and quotes) you may have missed this past week at Rock M Nation dot com

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Welcome to Rock M Digest, a new weekly column where I, Madame Editor, share with you my must-read picks for the Rock M Nation content of the week. These stories made me think (sometimes too much), laugh, smile, cry... you get the picture. Since I have the distinct pleasure of reading everything on this wonderful website — I love reading it all, I swear — I want you, the readers, to know what you should be checking out if you don’t have time to read all the content.

At the bottom, I’ve gathered up my favorite quotes of the week and presented them with no context. There is a link to the story, so you can reference it if you so choose.

Let’s begin.

Dennis Gates has scaled up Mizzou’s recruiting — and its ambitions

One thing you’ve probably noted about this new Missouri staff is that they’re throwing out offers like Oprah gives away cashmere sweaters (I decided to pick something pricy since the cost of landing athletes these days in the age of NIL is gonna cost ya). Matt Harris’ piece to commemorate national signing week on 11/9 talked about where Gates & Co is looking and who (numbers-wise) they’re looking at. Seeing it all presented right in front of readers was eye-opening, and super interesting.

Beyond The Box Score: I fell in love with the girl at the ref show

Any Blink-182 fans out there? Did you hear they’re touring again? Nate Edwards’ new BTBS looked at the ref show Mizzou’s unfortunate loss against Kentucky that was both their own making and due to the fellas in the zebra stripes. Re-reading some of these calls made me H-E-A-T-E-D, but as Nate says — and he is 100000000% correct — this comes down to Missouri’s offensive ineptitude.

From Division-II to RB1: The ascension of Cody Schrader

In this truly terrific feature story from beat writer Brandon Haynes, readers are exposed to Cody Schrader’s backstory, who left Lutheran South with no Division-I offers. But now, as the 2022 Mizzou football season starts to wind down, Schrader’s success story is an example for all. A must read.

Study Hall: Mizzou 97, Southern Indiana 91 & Mizzou 92, Penn 85

There’s just nothing like the first Sam Snelling Study Halls of the season to really get the excitement flowing, amiright?!? Two wins and two Study Halls later, and we’re getting to know a little bit about what this team does well (shoot, force turnovers while limiting their own, and play with pace), as well as what they need to work on (perimeter defense- woof and rebounding).

Check out the charts — they’re personally my favorite part — and see where the newbies stack up. It’s well worth your time, and there will be one the morning after every game!

The Verdict: Mizzou played fast but will need defensive continuity

It’s time for class, ladies and gents. Time to flip on the projector and learn from the Matts about this Mizzou men’s basketball team. Early on in the season, they’ll be focusing on more big picture topics, like the various schematic elements of the the team, plays they’re running, etc.

Even if you’re not an analytics freak like our dynamic duo, you’ll highly enjoy the videos and explanations; I know I did.

Out of Context Quotes of the Week:

“The turnover is complete, and comprehensive. Now comes the tough part.” -Matt Watkins, Six Basic Season Expectations

“You spin me right ‘round, Brady, right ‘round like a record, Brady, right ‘round, ‘round, ‘round” -Josh Matejka, The Revue

“Recruits aren’t job applicants. College programs are, and only elite ones get to be choosy about where they send a resumé.” -Matt Harris, Gates’ Recruiting Ambitions

Drink’s play management in 4th down and scoring position continues to be the oddest stuff: how many times will Macon go out there, line up at receiver, then go under center to “try to draw the defense offsides?” -Nate Edwards, Five Takeaways

“Because he’s golden,” Butler said. “Some people … when they touch things, they turn it into a gold standard. Some people just have that. (Kansas coach) Bill Self has that. Some people just have that magical feel for things. And Coach has that. He’s always had that. Always.” -Vahe Gregorian, Gold Standard**

**I’m making an exception this week to include this quote, because it’s perfect, even though it’s a bit older and not a Rock M article

The look of wonderment as you read all the stuff here at Rock M Nation dot com