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Tiger Style vs. Sun Devil Wrestling Preview and Live Updates

Tiger Style wrestling travels to Arizona to take on its first big test of the season! Let’s look at potential match-up in this anticipated contest between two top ranked teams!

Live Match Updates

125lbs: Richie Figueroa over #14 Noah Surtin (Decision 6-4) MIZ 0 ASU 3

  • Stream came in late so I missed what happened but Surtin gave up a takedown and got a quick escape in the first period. Down 2-1 going into the second period. Figueroa goes for a roll and Surtin holds on to a leg to stay on top but give up his first stall call.
  • Figueroa with another roll and scores a reversal, nearly puts Surtin on his back. Gets cut to make the score 4-2 against Surtin. Headed into the third with the same score.
  • Quick escape for Surtin after starting on bottom. 5-3 score. Low single for Surtin, looks to elevate but Figueroa rolls through again. Surtin gives up a takedown on the neutral danger call. Another quick escape for Surtin with 0:50 seconds left, 6-4 for Figueroa. Figueroa in on a shot and the clock runs out as ASU wins the first match.

133lbs: #4 Michael McGee over #27 Connor Brown (Decision 6-4) MIZ 0 ASU 6

  • Neither wrestling committing to too much early in the first period. Both guys taking shots now but neither wrestler scores. Going 0-0 into the second.
  • Brown on bottom and catches a leg early, looking to get funky. McGee keeps with him though and nearly scores back points. Brown has a leg again, looking for a reversal. This stream is rough, just audio and now an ad. Stream has been out for a while at this point.
  • We’re back but with no scoreboard I’m not sure what the situation is. Brown on top. Brown was up 1-0 but just gave up a reversal. Brown working his way to his feet and McGee cuts him. McGee with a low double and scores to go up 4-2 with riding time secured. Brown with a leg and gets a reversal but is still down with a riding time point.
  • Brown still on top, cuts McGee and is after him with 0:10 left. Goes for a big move but can’t get it and drops the match 6-4.

141lbs: #24 Jesse Vasquez over #6 Allan Hart (Decision 3-2) MIZ 0 ASU 9

  • Mizzou needs Hart to get a win here. Stall call on Vasquez as Hart has stayed busy. First period ends scoreless however. Stream cuts again as the second period starts. And we’re back. Looks like Hart got a very quick escape to go up 1-0.
  • Vasquez taking bottom in the third. Hart with a leg in and working a tough ride. Hart has riding time now and Vasquez is bellied out. Stall call on Hart and reset. Vasquez gets away with 0:30 seconds. Short time, Vasquez scores in close time and scores a takedown to go up 3-2 and win at the buzzer.

149lbs: #6 Kyle Parco over #2 Brock Mauller (Decision 3-2) MIZ 0 ASU 12

  • Mizzou in a rough spot after that. Parco in on a shot and Mauller gives up two. Mauller gets a quick escape though. Down 2-1 going into the second and Mauller starts on bottom.
  • Quick escape for Mauller. Mauller looking for offense but Parco defends with underhooks.
  • 2-2 in the third with Mauller on top. Mauller cuts him on the edge after a scramble, 3-2 in favor of Parco. 0:45 seconds left and Mauller not able to get a shot yet. Parco can run with 5 seconds left and Mauller drops a 3-2 decision.

157lbs: #15 Jarrett Jacques over Max Wilner (Tech Fall 25-9) MIZ 5 ASU 12

  • Jacques with a quick takedown and cuts Wilner. Another ad during the match so not sure what’s happening now. We’re back but no graphic still. Jacques scores a takedown, is apparently up 12-5. He’s going cut and release now as he gets another takedown in the second.
  • Jacques on bottom in the third and gets a quick escape to go up 15-6. Jacques with another go behind, cuts Wilner again. Jacques looking for a cradle to try and get a pin before the tech. Three more takedowns for Jacques to go up 25-9 and gets the tech. Mizzou down going into intermission.

165lbs: #1 Keegan O’Toole over #18 Tony Negron (Tech Fall 17-1) MIZ 10 ASU 12

  • So per Twitter, the match is happening, but the stream is still on ads. Now we’re back and O’Toole is up 7-1, halfway through the second period. Negron not doing much work on bottom here. O’Toole working for a cradle and the stream cuts to a commercial, FUN!
  • Per Twitter, Keegan got a tech fall to make the match score closer.

174lbs: #11 Peyton Mocco over Cael Valencia (Major Decision 14-4) MIZ 14 ASU 12

  • Mocco immediately in on a shot and crazy scramble and no score. Mocco on another shot, and gets it, nearly gets a cradle. Up 2-0 early in the first and putting on a tough ride. Stall call on Valencia from bottom. Mocco with a crazy cradle on the edge and gets nearfall before the period ends to go up 6-0!
  • Mocco on top to start the second and the stream cuts out again. And back, Mocco gave up an escape and a takedown. Mocco with an escape in the third and Valencia in on a shot. Mocco working a scramble to push for bonus but the stream cuts again. Mocco wins 14-4 with a major per Twitter to take the team lead.

184lbs: #17 Anthony Montalvo over Sean Harman (Decision 4-2) MIZ 14 ASU 15

  • Harman getting the start here in a big match. Harman on a single leg early, and stream is out again. Sorry folks. Montalvo scored a takedown at some point, Harman on bottom down 2-0. Harman gets an escape but gave quite a bit of riding time.
  • Montalvo taking bottom in the second. Montalvo scores an escape to go up 3-1. Harman can’t get any offense in the second and takes bottom in the third. Quick escape for Harman and he is getting aggressive, 3-2 score.
  • Montalvo content to hang out and defend, stall call on Montalvo. 38 seconds left and counting down, Harman can’t get in with Montalvo backing up. No score for Harman and he drops a 4-2 decision. Mizzou will need an upset to take this dual.

197lbs: #4 Rocky Elam over #17 Kordell Norfleet (Decision 8-2) MIZ 17 ASU 15

  • Rocky immediately attacking off the whistle and scores on the edge. Rocky up to two minutes of riding time and there’s still time in the first period. Stream cut out, Rocky scored an escape to go up 3-0.
  • Norfleet takes neutral in the third, Rocky up 5-2. Good reattack from Rocky but can’t score. Elam with a takedown to go up 7-2 now. Rocky rides him out to get an 8-2 decision. Mizzou now needs a massive upset from Zach to get a win here.

285lbs: #1 Cohlton Schultz over #7 Zach Elam (Major Decision 12-4) Miz 17 ASU 19

  • Zach goes down 2-0 early after Schultz goes upper body on the edge. Escape for Zach after 35 seconds. This stream is barely hanging on at this point. Schultz up 6-2 going into the second after scoring two more takedowns.
  • Elam scores an escape but is down 6-3 going into the third period. Schultz escapes and has riding time. Zach down to going for a big move at this point and he goes for it! But it fails against the Greco world champ. Schultz wins by major and Arizona State wins overall.

After waltzing through the home opener in Columbia against in-state Lindenwood University, Mizzou Wrestling will take its 1-0 dual record to Tempe, Arizona to take on Zeke Jones’ Sun Devil squad. As mentioned in an article prior (Coach Smith vs Dual Schedule), Brian Smith currently holds the upper hand in head-to-head match-ups with Arizona State.

The dual will take place tonight, Thursday, November 17, at 8 p.m. Streaming options are limited and will only be available via Pac-12 live.

Since 1998, Coach Smith and the Tigers have only met three times, with the fourth match-up being canceled during the 2021 season. The results of these match-ups are as follows:

Mizzou vs. Arizona State (Brian Smith Era)

Date: At: Opponent: Location: Mizz: ASU:
Date: At: Opponent: Location: Mizz: ASU:
November 17, 2022 Away Arizona State Tempe, Ariz. TBD TBD
February 12, 2022 Away Arizona State Tempe, Ariz. 19 14
January 17, 2021 Neutral Arizona State Ames, Iowa X X
February 9, 2020 Home Arizona State Columbia, MO. / Hearnes Center 13 21
February 8, 2019 Away Arizona State Tempe, Ariz. 30 12
62 47

Moving into individual weight classes, we will start at 125lbs and make our way through 285lbs. Taking a glimpse into each dual and match-up that has been had along the road and how we have fared at each one. Looking along these duals, I’ll try to highlight which ones stood out most and which were potential season-altering battles. (Matches subject to change)


So. Noah Surtin (MIZ) vs. Sr. Brandon Courtney (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: Courtney over Surtin, 10-5 Decision (2022)

Over the course of Noah Surtins’s career, he has faced off against an Arizona State opponent just one time, as shown above. Surtin comes into this match-up as an underdog, ranked #14 by FloWrestling and Intermat. They have Courtney as the #5 wrestler in the 125lbs weight class. Brandon Courtney carries a quality resume as a two-time NCAA qualifier, placing both times, 6th in 2022 and 2nd in 2021. Courtney is 3-0 verse Mizzou opponents.


Jr. Connor Brown (MIZ) vs. Sr. Michael McGee (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: McGee over Brown, 8-6 Decision (2022)
  • 2017: Brown (SDSU) over McGee, 14-8 Decision

At one-to-one, the 133lbs weight class looks to be another underdog bout for the Tigers in Tempe, Arizona. Connor Brown comes into this contest outside of the top twenty-five in both Intermat and Flo rankings having only faced a Sun Devil wrestler once during his Tiger career. McGee on the other hand, steps inside the circle as the #4 wrestler per both sites. Dating back to his time at Old Dominion, McGee leads his series against the Tigers (3-0). McGee is a three-time NCAA qualifier and two-time All-American placing 6th in 2021 and 4th in 2022.


Sr. Alan Hart (MIZ) vs. So. Jesse Vasquez (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: No previous history

The first favorite for the good guys goes to Mizzou’s Alan Hart. Hart walks into this match ranked #6 on both Intermat and FloWrestling, as for his competition, Vasquez is ranked #25 by Flo and #24 by Intermat. With no prior match history, Hart will be seeing his second ASU opponent during his time in the black and gold, where Vasquez will be facing off against a Tiger for the first time.


Jr. Brock Mauller (MIZ) vs. So. Kyle Parco (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: Mauller over Parco (Fresno St.), 8-5 Decision (2021)

At 149lbs we run into our first heater of a match-up. Mauller is fresh off an Olympic redshirt season and Parco re-enters after his second NCAA All-American finish (8th in 2022, 6th in 2021). The one contest between these two wrestlers came during the 2021 season at the NCAA National Championship fifth-place match. Both wrestlers now enter the new season ranked inside the top ten in their weight class. Mauller #8 by Flo and #2 by Intermat, Parco #3 by Flo, and #6 by Intermat. Mauller will be seeing Parco for the first time in a Sun Devil singlet and has gone 2-0 against prior ASU wrestlers. This will be the second contest for Parco against Mizzou during his collegiate career.


Sr. Jarrett Jacques (MIZ) vs. RS Fr. Maxwell Wilner (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: No previous history vs Roberto, 0-2 vs. Teemer

The 157lbs match-up becomes a bit of a heartbreaker for the Sun Devil squad as they have lost one of their top wrestlers (Jacori Teemer) for the season due to a potentially season-ending injury. Teemer was ranked in the top ten on both ranking sites. As for Jacques, he enters the dual ranked #15 on both Flo and Intermat and will be looking for his first victory over an ASU wrestler. Wilner, unranked, will be filling in for the injured Teemer and has yet to see a Tiger Style wrestler in his collegiate career.


So. Keegan O’Toole (MIZ) vs. Sr. Tony Negron (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: No previous history

Keegan O’Toole enters the match-up looking to continue his dominance over the past two seasons. O’Toole is the #1 ranked wrestler in the 165lbs weight class and holds a 3-0 record against ASU opponents. His competitor across the circle is a senior transfer from Penn State. Negron enters the contest ranked #19 by Flo and #18 by InterMat and has yet to match up with a Mizzou wrestler. He will be getting his first crack in the starting rotation for ASU and there is no better way to get the early season started for the senior transfer than facing the returning undefeated national champ.


Jr. Peyton Mocco (MIZ) vs. Rs. Fr. Cael Valencia (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: No previous history

At the 174lbs weight class, we have another match-up where ASU will be plugging a fresh face into their starting lineup. Valencia will be coming off of a redshirt season and jumping straight into the fire against Mizzou’s Peyton Mocco. Mocco enters the dual ranked inside the top ten in on Flo (#9) and just outside on Intermat (#11). He will be looking to break his .500 (1-1) record verse ASU opponents.


So. Colton Hawks (MIZ) or So. Sean Harman vs. Jr. Anthony Montalvo (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: No previous history

The start of three straight barn burners, the 184lbs match-up entertains wrestlers ranked equally amongst each other. Hawks sits at #16 on Intermat and #22 on Flo, as Montalvo, ranks #17 on Intermat and #20 on Flo. Both Hawks and Harman will be seeing the starting lineup as alternate starters for the first time in their collegiate careers and looking to battle in the early season. Montalvo comes to ASU after wrestling at Oklahoma State for the past four years. He will be also making his much-awaited debut for a new team after medically redshirting the year prior. Anthony has seen one Tiger wrestler in his past, taking a victory to leave him 1-0 verse Mizzou opponents.


So. Rocky Elam (MIZ) vs. Sr. Kordell Norfleet (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: Elam over Norfleet, 4-2 Decision (2022) | Elam over Norfleet, 9-1 Major Decision (2021)

Our second battle in a streak of fun matches belongs to the 197lbs weight class. This will be the third meeting between these two wrestlers who both rank inside of the top twenty in both Intermat and Flo rankings. Rocky ranks at #4 by both Intermat and Flo, Norfleet sits at #17 by Intermat and #15 by Flo. The ASU senior will be looking for his first victory against a Tiger Style opponent in his collegiate career as he stands at 0-3. Norfleet is a fifth-year starter and a two-time NCAA qualifier.


Jr. Zach Elam (MIZ) vs. So. Cohlton Schultz (ASU)
  • Prior Match-Up: Schultz over Elam, 8-1 Decision (2022)

In our final bout of the evening, we have a clash with the big guys! ASU’s Cohlton Schultz steps onto the mat as one of the top pound-for-pound wrestlers in the country. He is ranked as the #1 wrestler in the 285lbs weight class on every ranking site you can find. The Sun Devil wrestler will be looking to continue his wrestling career in the collegiate ranks after a dominating offseason for the US World Team. Schultz is a returning NCAA Championship finalist and a two-time All-American. Elam, on the other hand, comes into Tempe sitting at #10 on Intermat and #7 on FloWrestling with a 1-1 record verse ASU opponents and will be looking to dethrone the top man in his weight division.

Tiger Style Wrestling’s first road trip of the year looks to be a thriller right out of the gates in the college wrestling world as two top-five dual-ranked teams go head to head. Brian Smith and his squad will have to look for bonus points in their favored matches and stick to game plans going into each weight class. 157lbs through 174 lbs are weights where Mizzou can make their money and pull ahead from the Sun Devils. It will be a close match-up and an exciting one to tune into. I expect the Tigers to come out of this match-up sitting at 2-0 in duals on the season.