SEC still dominating the playoff conversation

While not officially finalized, the expanded 12-team College Football Playoff is expected to debut with the 2024 season. Each week for the rest of the season, time to test drive the proposed format using the CFP committee’s latest Top 25 rankings.

Here’s how the bracket would be seeded and the site locations determined using the committee’s November 15 rankings and a 2024-25 calendar. Note: The Orange and Cotton Bowls were previously scheduled to host the 2024-25 semifinals and Atlanta was selected as the national championship game while looking at nfl expert picks.

Top four seeds (first-round byes):

Georgia (SEC champion)

Ohio State (Big Ten champion)

TCU (Big 12 champion)

USC (Pac-12 champion)

Under the CFP board’s approved model, the top four seeds will be reserved for the four highest-ranked conference champions. For our purposes, we’re designating each conference’s top-ranked team as its champion. That means No. 1 Georgia (SEC), No. 2 Ohio State (Big Ten), No. 4 TCU (Big 12) and No. 7 USC (Pac-12) would get a bye into the quarterfinals.

Nos. 5-12 seeds:

5. Michigan (at-large)

6. Tennessee (at-large)

7. LSU (at-large)

8. Alabama (at-large)

9. Clemson (ACC champion)

10. Utah (at-large)

11. Penn State (at-large)

12. UCF (AAC champion)

Under the same model, the six highest-ranked conference champions are guaranteed berths along with the six highest-ranked at-large teams. Were the season to end today, the fifth- and sixth-highest ranked conference champions would be No. 9 Clemson (ACC) and No. 20 UCF (AAC).

Joining them in the field would be the six highest-ranked remaining teams: No. 3 Michigan, No. 5 Tennessee, No. 6 LSU, No. 8 Alabama, No. 10 Utah and No. 11 Penn State.

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