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Podcast Highlights: Hoops is set with not one, but FOUR head coaches, Gates & Sam (separately) visit KTRS550

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, November 2: Featuring, so so so many podcasts

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No Name Tags Needed

This was the theme of the new Inside Mizzou Athletics podcast, as Matt Michaels and Brad Trenago chatted with Tre Gomillion, Kobe, D’Moi Hodge, Dree Gholston and Nick Honor (separately) ahead of the Wash U exhibition game on Thursday about how they’re meshing as a brand new team, why they chose CoMo, what’s practice like, and so.much.more.

Let’s get to some highlights, shall we? As always, I recommend listening to the whole thing. It was quite nice to get to know the guys a bit more, and many of them are pretty charismatic. WARNING: I am going to share a lot, but I’m also leaving A LOT out, so you know what you need to do.

Tre Gomillion

On how he’s changed since coming to Missouri:

“I had a very small mindset back where I’m from (Augusta). I thought I’d probably go overseas and have me an average career overseas but ever since I got here, my work ethic has changed. My resources, my career skills, my people skills.. all that changed.”

“And then on the court, I’ve grown as well. I feel like I can, you know, make a good amount of money on this game… I just became comfortable with. My skills and Coach Gates brings out the best in me.

On his teammates:

“Especially this group of guys, they want to win. They want to do the right things. They play for each other. You know, it’s hard to find that these days. A lot of college teams [he says he hears from other people] out here that just trying to get their individual so they can go pro, but I think we we all have come to the realization that if the team wins, then we all win. And I think that’s a great thing.”

Kobe Brown

On what’s been different about Coach Gates’ practices:

“A lot of depth. A lot of East screaming and yelling. A lot of talking. Just a lot of energy. Really, a lot of energy and fast pace…. Everyone wants to win. Everyone loves to win and it feels great to win so we celebrate all our W’s (including the D’Moi Hodge bucket to win the scrimmage that led to CY running around the court)

On what he likes about this new staff:

“I like that they all have their own ideas. They have their own way of coaching.. They al come from you know, big time, head coaches with their own program. So it’s kind of easier to go along with the coach because you know they’ve been there before and been in the position that Coach Gates is in. And that’s just a plus having four head coaches as a coaching staff.” (He’s referring to Coach Smithpeters— JUCO, as well as Coach Nutt and Coach CY, who have led D-I college programs. Coach Fly, not a main assistant, led FGCU)

On what he’s told his teammates about playing in the SEC:

“Winning is not easy, especially in this league every night. It’s gonna be a war. You’re gonna be hurting after the game, whether it’s just fatigue or just from getting hit flat out.”

D’Moi Hodge

On how things are different here than his previous stops:

“The atmosphere and the fan base… we don’t even have a game yet but the fans know us and come talk to us at the football game. They’re just engaged in what’s going on here. So that’s really different for me and I really appreciate it”

On what made him want to stick with Coach Gates as he made his move to Mizzou:

“When I went to JUCO that when I really found out I could really do to this and I got my first offer from Coach Gates at Florida State and that was when it just like really hit me like, ‘Oh, I could play at this level’ … It’s not all about basketball with him. It’s more of a family oriented style. I know that even if basketball do work or don’t work out, he’s got my back in the future so I just wanted to stick around and be with him and trust him.”

**The hosts make it a point to mention you couldn’t keep the smile off Hodge’s face, which I find to be the cutest & best thing ever**

DeAndre Gholston

On what he likes about this Mizzou roster thus far:

“The guys are fun to be around, we all like each other, love each other. it’s just been a pleasure It’s been one of my favorite teams so far in my college career, and we haven’t even played a game yet. So that says something right there.”

Nick Honor

On the roster construction:

“We all come from different backgrounds and I feel that we’re just an underrated team in general. A lot of guys that not a lot of people pay attention to, but can do a lot of good things. So I feel like this team just has a chip on its shoulder. So we carry that with us We’ll be successful this season.

“We have a lot of guys that are fast and get up and down the floor when everyone can show their different talents. So definitely it’s gonna be something that we can do throughout the year.”

And the podcasts weren’t done there, folks! Sammy’s place of employment, KTRS’s Big Sports Show & Brendan Wiese interviewed both of our Fearless Leaders: the Mizzou Hoops one, Dennis Gates, AND Rock M’s own Sam Snelling. Make sure you give BOTH a listen at the links below. (Had I listened to them earlier, I would have recapped their appearances, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Dennis Gates

Sam Snelling

On to the Links!

Just one more sleep til Mizzou Hoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the official home opener on Monday, November 7, Lil DRF Jackson Francois would like to remind you to buy your tickets— you can snatch some up CHEAP!

Yesterday at Rock M

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Mizzou in the Pros

  • Jordan Clarkson & Quin-less Utah Jazz (6-2):

10/31 vs MEM (W 121-105): 33 min | 11pts on 3-14 shooting (2-8 from 3, 3-5 FT) | 7 REB | 7 AST | 1 TO | 4 PF | +14

10/29 vs MEM (W 124-123): 33 min | 21pts on 9-17 shooting (3-7 from 3, 0-1 FT) | 3 REB | 6 AST | 3 TO | +7

10/28 vs DEN (L 101-117): 22 min | 6pts on 1-10 shooting (0-7 from 3, 4-5 FT) | 5 REB | 3 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 3 PF | -3 [side note: good thing he filled up the stat sheet in other ways, cuz that shooting?! YIKES]

UP NEXT: Today, 11/2 vs. DAL at 7:30pm | Fri, 11/4 vs. LAL at 9:30pm

10/30 vs LAL (L 110-121): 28 min | 17pts on 5-15 shooting (3-10 from 3, 4-5 FT) | 9 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 4 PF | +10

10/28 vs JAZZ (W 117-101): 30 min | 22pts on 7-15 shooting (4-5 from 3, 4-5 FT) | 13 REB !! | 1 AST | 2 PF | +22 !!

UP NEXT: Thur, 11/3 vs. OKC at 7pm on NBA TV | Sat, 11/5 vs. SAS at 8pm

  • Dru Smith (Miami Heat, 3-5) has not played a second since his debut in a single game a week ago.

UP NEXT: Today, 11/2 vs. SAC at 6:30pm | Fri, 11/4 vs. INDY at 6pm

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