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Rock M Digest: First Edition

A weekly list of fantastic stories (and quotes) you may have missed this past week at Rock M Nation dot com

Truman the Tiger sitting under a lamp in a book-lined room, reading a book called “Rock M Digest”
I’m no Photoshop wizard like Josh, but I think this looks pretty great
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Welcome to Rock M Digest, a new weekly column where I, Madame Editor, share with you my must-read picks for the Rock M Nation content of the week. These stories made me think (sometimes too much), laugh, smile, cry... you get the picture. Since I have the distinct pleasure of reading everything on this wonderful website — I love reading it all, I swear — I want you, the readers, to know what you should be checking out if you don’t have time to read all the content.

At the bottom, I’ve gathered up my favorite quotes of the week and presented them with no context. There is a link to the story, so you can reference it if you so choose.

Let’s begin.

Mizzou Player Preview: Isiaih Mosley

In case you are not a lurker of Matt Watkins’ (@datamizzou) twitter account, you may not be aware of his (player) love affair with the Missouri State transfer and Columbia, Mo. native. This wonderful post spells out - with videos, courtesy of Matthew J Harris - exactly what makes Isiaih a truly fantastic college basketball player. At Missouri State, he shouldered an immense offensive load, which often tanks a player’s efficiency. Not in this case, readers! Our guy’s metrics are elite.

If you aren’t getting tickets to see Mizzou Hoops (AKA The Isiaih Show) after reading this, there’s no hope for you... or you live too far away.

The Revue: Nothing like a quick heist through the deep south!

Big fan of Josh Matejka’s movie review-game mashups, and they’re even more fun when they win. While most of them give me a few chuckles, this one had me screeching with laughter at times. The movie mashup this time is Smokey & the Bandits, that [checks notes] has not aged well, but is a great metaphor for what Missouri was able to accomplish in ‘Columbia Least’.

Avid readers of this particular column should be familiar with Josh’s Disrespect Index, which is measured in six categories, and this time features a brilliant screen grab and caption that made me laugh so hard my iPad fell off my lap desk onto the floor. Oops.

An extra-special addition this time: check out Josh’s sharp detour into debating styles of BBQ. You’ve been warned, KC readers.

Food-related NIL deals: A Brief History

Who knew a #sponsored post could be so fun? Dan Keegan tracked down the coolest and most interesting NIL deals, and this well-researched (and well-written) list will both surprise and entertain you. From sponsorships from regional and national chains to specific menu items and name-based offers, you can learn a lot about the truly wild world of NIL deals in this post.

Are you a college athlete with a cool nickname like Kool-Aid? There may be a deal for you! Are you a well-known 5-star local football star? Get a flavor of chips created for you, like our guy LB.

Brian Smith vs. 2022-23 Dual Opponents

Bookmark this one for the upcoming wrestling season. What I found most interesting about this particular piece was Matthew’s look at how Missouri, under the tutelage of all-worldly head coach Brian Smith, has fared against its 2022-23 opponents. Not only does he look at the opponent record, but also the total match points (ex: Mizzou 62 - Arizona State 47) and what each match will feature in terms of star-power.

Out of Context Quotes of the Week:

His magniloquent style despite a diminutive stature makes Musselman a mystifying presence on the sideline. He’s spirited and resolute, brash and unrepentantly harlequin when it comes to promoting his brand, and the program he oversees.” -Sam Snelling, Arkansas Preview

If you refer to the picture above one more time, you’ll notice that nine of South Carolina’s defenders —82 percent of their uniformed players on the field! — have collapsed to stop Cody Schrader. What exactly they’ll stop him from doing I’m not sure, because he does not have the ball, folks.-Josh Matejka, The Revue

Once again, the Missouri football team insists on wearing shirts and pants while playing football in front of a crowd of people.” -Nate Edwards, Uniform Reveal

It’s probably too simplistic to say Mizzou has Isiaih Mosley and other teams don’t, but college hoops is still driven by guards. And even if you account for a dip in efficiency, Mosley still projects as an apex predator.” -Matt Harris, SEC Basketball Preview

“So, congrats to Richard, Quinton, Michael, Max, Otis, David, Courney, Brady, and Andrew Reese; hopefully none of you are allergic to peanuts. And a tough look for UCF quarterback John Rhys Plumlee...-Dan Keegan, NIL Food Deals

“Missouri is going to get this football in Kentucky field position with a chance to win the football game! Except, nope. They’re not. Because, Mizzou.” -Brandon Kiley, Five Takeaways

How I imagine your faces look as you read Rock M Nation