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Tiger Style vs. Mountaineer Wrestling Preview & Live Blog

Brian Smith and his Tiger Style wrestling squad return back to Columbia, Missouri for their second dual of the season. They take on an undefeated West Virginia team looking to build on their early success.

Live Match Updates

Noah Surtin is here with crutches and his knee taped so true freshman Peyton Moore is getting an opportunity here. Lots of potential lineup changes tonight for the Tigers.

125lbs: Peyton Moore Fall Colton Drousias (MIZ 6 WVU 0)

  • 1st Period: Shafer is a sophomore who is currently 6-5 on the season and Moore is getting his first dual start with Surtin out. Drousias is 0-1 this year. Quick takedown for Moore straight into a very tight cradle! WVU manages to scramble out and belly down however. On a reset Moore locks up another cradle and takes him over for the pin!

133lbs: #26 Connor Brown Fall Davin Rhoads (MIZ 12 WVU 0)

  • 1st Period: Connor in on a single and takes Rhoads over for two! Restart with Brown on top. Brown nearly gives up a reversal but manages to stay on top. Brown nearly got a tilt and then nearly got reversed again but manages to complete the first period ride out with nearly 2 minutes of riding time. 
  • 2nd Period: Brown takes bottom. Brown to his feet and hits a nice roll but Rhoads follows. Brown looking for a reversal and gets it! Brown locks up a cradle, sinks it, and gets the fall! Strong start for the Tigers.

141lbs: #7 Allan Hart Maj. Jordan Titus (MIZ 16 WVU 0)

  • 1st Period: Hart with a quick takedown in the first 15 seconds! Hart putting on a tough ride. Stalling on Titus. Alumni night means some great trash talk from the stands as they are calling for another stall. And there it is, Hart goes up 3-0 as he has over two minutes of riding time already. 
  • 2nd Period: Hart with 2:45 of riding time and he takes bottom. Quickly to his feet but a nice return by Titus. On a restart Hart up to his feet and gets away. Titus reaches for a shot and Hart shows his heavy hips with a stalemate. Hart with a very nice go behind takedown and score that WVU is challenging that Hart never had full control. Takedown confirmed and Hart goes up 6-1 as Titus also scored an escape. Doesn’t matter as Hart immediately gets another takedown.
  • 3rd Period: Up 8-1 going into the third period and Hart has 2:41 of riding time. Riding time officially locked up now making it a 9-1 lead for Hart. Titus in on a shot and Hart sprawls hard again and forces another stalemate. Hart with a textbook sweep single, and he’s going cut and release now, 10-2 score. 21 seconds, coaches want him to get another. Titus catches a leg though and time runs out as Hart wins 11-2 with nearly three minutes of riding time.

149lbs: #9 Brock Mauller Maj. #25 Sam Hillegas (MIZ 20 WVU 0)

  • 1st Period: Hillegas with a strong underhook and Mauller scores with a high crotch! Quick escape though and both guys hand fighting hard as Hillegas really working for an underhook. Mauller in on a shot and Hillegas goes chest wrap but it counts as a takedown as he goes up 4-1. Mauller rides him out and is up 4-1 with 42 seconds of riding time after the first. 
  • 2nd Period: Mauller takes bottom. Hillegas with a leg in but Brock fights up for the escape. Mauller in deep and working, hooks the leg and limp arms out of a whizzer for two. Hillegas warned for stalling on bottom. Another rideout for Mauller and he has 1:19 of riding time.
  • 3rd Period: Hillegas takes bottom, Mauller up 7-1. Mauller cuts him as he’s looking for bonus. Coaches wanting him to work with a minute left. Neither guy taking any shots with 30 seconds left. Mauller in on a deep single and he drives Hillegas to the edge. Hillegas tries to roll and Mauller counters to get the takedown as time runs out. Mauller wins 10-2 with riding time.

157lbs: #14 Jarrett Jacques Dec. Alex Hornfeck (MIZ 23 WVU 0)

  • 1st Period: Let’s see if Jacques can keep the bonus streak up against a tough opponent. Hornfeck in on a shot and has Jacques lifted. Jacques catches an ankle and forces a stalemate. Jacques with a nice shot and he’s working, has Hornfeck lifted and is looking to work but can’t advance so another stalemate. Back to his shot and Jacques running around and gets two after some adjustments. Jacques manages to get the rideout and has 32 seconds of riding time. 
  • 2nd Period: Jacques takes bottom up 2-0. He works his way to his feet and catches a leg, manages to turn in and get two! 1:11 left in the period on a reset. Caution on Jacques. Quick escape for Hornfeck. Hornfeck now in deep on a shot but time runs out.
  • 3rd Period: Jacques up 4-1, Hornfeck takes bottom. Jacques gets him bellied out and starts looking for a tilt. Jacques gives up a reversal with a minute left but he leads 4-3. Hornfeck looking for a tilt with thirty seconds. Jacques catching a leg with short time. Stalling on Jacques as time runs out and he wins 4-3.

165lbs: #1 Keegan O’Toole Dec. #7 Peyton Hall (MIZ 26 WVU 0)

  • 1st Period: Highlight of the dual here folks, Big 12 finals rematch against two All-Americans. Keegan in on a single but great counter by Hall. Hall nearly grabs a cradle but O’Toole doesn’t give anything up. Crazy scramble there but no points. Same scenario as O’Toole shoots, Hall counters. Now Keegan counters Hall, another stalemate. O’Toole in on a shot deep now with less than ten seconds. Can’t finish and the period ends 0-0. 
  • 2nd Period: O’Toole takes bottom. Caution on Hall. O’Toole to his feet and Hall has to cut him. Hall with 29 seconds of riding time. Stalling on Hall. O’Toole had a leg but Hall’s leg ends up in a terrible position and potentially dangerous called. Hall in on a shot now and O’Toole defending. Another crazy scramble with no score but the refs are reviewing. Either guy could have scored there. Confirm no takedown.
  • 3rd Period: O’Toole up 1-0, Hall takes neutral. Coach Dom calling for Keegan to go get this money. Both guys shooting but no success. Minute left. Keegan in on a shot! Hall defending well but Keegan still attacking. Sits Hall down and gets two with ten seconds left! Keegan with the 3-0 win in an insane match!!

174lbs: #11 Peyton Mocco Dec. Scott Joll (MIZ 29 WVU 0)

  • 1st Period: Mocco on a blast double to Joll’s back! Looked like he had back points but no score. Mocco with a crazy go behind to score another takedown to go up 4-1 early. Another escape for Joll. Mocco nearly with a standing cow catcher but Joll goes over to give up another takedown. Mocco cuts him again as he’s looking to get the bonus streak going again. Joll with a cement mixer but Mocco rolls out of it and escapes! More crazy scrambles in this match.
  • 2nd Period: Mocco takes bottom up 6-3. Mocco with an escape, Joll looking for big moves now. Another double for Mocco but Joll was expecting it this time and he runs him out of bounds. No stalling call though. Stalling on Joll off another Mocco blast double. Joll counters well though so no takedown.
  • 3rd Period: Mocco leading 7-3 as Joll takes bottom. Joll escapes and it’s 7-4 now. Nice ankle pick attempt by Joll but potentially dangerous stops it. Minute left. Mocco with another double but gets stretched out. Stalling on Joll as he walks out of bounds and that’s a point to Mocco who goes up 8-4. Another Mocco double and he scores two. Mocco wins a very tough 10-4 match.

184lbs: #24 Sean Harman Forfeit (MIZ 35 WVU 0)

  • WVU has a ranked wrestler here but Harman comes out for the forfeit.

197lbs: #33 Austin Cooley Dec. Colton Hawks (MIZ 35 WVU 3)

  • 1st Period: A twist as Hawks gets the start up at 197 after Harman was sent out to get the forfeit. Hawks going to work with the hand fighting early as he’s close to a takedown but can’t bring his opponent down. Cooley in on a shot. Hawks looking for a jonesy tilt! Hard to finish wrestling up a weight class though. Hawks working his underhook and in on a shot but the size difference is apparent and he can’t finish. No score going into the second.
  • 2nd Period: Hawks takes bottom. He’s to his feet but Cooley able to lift and return. Hawks picks up the pace and gets away. Both guys active but no takedowns with 30 seconds left. No real takedown attempts as time runs out with Hawks leading 1-0.
  • 3rd Period: Cooley takes bottom. Blood time for Cooley and we’re back at it. Cooley with a quick escape and plenty of time for both guys to work. Hawks takes a shot but Cooley sprawls. Cooley shoots and Hawks is working underhooks but can’t finish. Sweep single for Cooley and Hawks is rolling with short time but Cooley catches a cradle for two. Tough match for Hawks.

285lbs: #9 Zach Elam Dec. #25 Michael Wolfgram (MIZ 38 WVU 3)

  • 1st Period: Zach working a tight front headlock early. Sweep single now though! Gets it in the air and finishes for two. Nearly a body lock on the way but he’s on top now. On a restart Zach immediately gets him on his belly. Wolfgram with an explosive move to get up and an escape though. Blood time for Zach. Back to it with 45 seconds left. Heavy ties from both guys.
  • 2nd Period: Zach takes bottom up 2-1. To his feet and gets away in nine seconds to go up 3-1. Half shot by Zach into a knee pick but can’t score. More blood time for Zach as his nose is bleeding. Wolfgram catches a low ankle but time runs out.
  • 3rd Period: Zach up 3-1 into the third period. He has 51 seconds of riding time as well. Wolfgram quickly turns in and Zach nearly catches him on his back but Wolfgram gets away right as Zach gets riding time. More blood time for Zach. 1:11 left and Zach leads 3-2. Low single for Zach but Wolfgram counters with a double. Zach counters and gets a go behind to go up 5-2 on the edge! Wolfgram crawls out of bounds and Zach is on top with 23 seconds left. Caution on Wolfgram. Zach cuts him with ten seconds left and riding time locked up . Zach evades for the last ten seconds and takes a 6-3 decision. Mizzou wins 38-3 and nine of ten matches in a dominant start to conference wrestling.

Two duals and two tournaments into the season, Brian Smith and his Tiger Style wrestlers return home to take on the West Virginia Mountaineers for the first time since 2005. On December 2, 2022, (5:30 pm) (Link to Watch) the Mountaineers step into the Hearnes Center holding a 3-0 dual record, defeating Glenville State College, Edinboro, and Northern Colorado. Brian Smith currently holds an undefeated record in head-to-head matchups against West Virginia (2-0). You can see a more detailed analysis in my prior article, Coach Smith vs Dual Schedule.

Moving into individual weight classes we will start at 125lbs and make our way through 285lbs. We are taking a glimpse into each dual and match-up that has been had along the road and how we have fared at each one. Looking along these duals, I’ll try to highlight which stood out most and which were potential season-altering battles. (Matches subject to change)


So. Noah Surtin (MIZ) vs. Sr. Killian Cardinale or So. Jace Schafer

  • Prior Matchup: Cardinale over Surtin, 9-4 Decision (2021)

Mizzou’s Noah Surtin enters the contest with a 4-2 record having faced off against a West Virginia opponent just one time in his career. It just so happens to be the same one he could face in this year’s match-up, Killian Cardinale. Cardinale, ranked #7 by FloWrestling & #6 by InterMat, comes into the contest having yet to wrestle this season. He is a 2x NCAA qualifier, and 1x All-American placing 7th in 2021. He has a 2-1 record against Mizzou opponents. The Mountaineers alternate 125, Jace Schafer (NR) has filled in for the time being and could be standing in once again. Schafer currently sits one win above .500 on the season with a 6-5 record.


Jr. Connor Brown (MIZ) vs. RS-Fr. Davin Rhoads

  • Prior Matchup: No Previous History

Connor Brown carries a 3-2 record and will be looking for his first collegiate victory over a Mountaineer opponent. His last contest verse was during his freshman season (2018) where he went 0-2. His competition across the mat, Davin Rhoades (NR), steps into the starting lineup for the first time in his career and first time taking on a Tiger Style wrestler.


Sr. Allan Hart (MIZ) vs. RS-Fr. Jordan Titus

  • Prior Matchup: No Previous History

After being upset in his most recent bout, Mizzou senior Allan Hart will be looking for a get-right victory in this bout. While having just two matches to his name this season, Hart will be lining up across from a West Virginia wrestler for the first time in his collegiate career. His, opponent, Jordan Titus (NR), is a redshirt freshman and former top twenty-five recruit in the 2021 class. Titus comes into Missouri with a 5-3 record.


Jr. Brock Mauller (MIZ) vs. So. Sam Hillegas

  • Prior Matchup: No Previous History

At 149, Mizzou has another get-right match with Brock Mauller. Mauller is coming off of a heavy-hitting bout where he fell to a top-ranked wrestler from Arizona State, giving him his first loss of the season. His Mountaineer opponent, Sam Hillegas, is currently ranked #22 by Flo & #25 by InterMat. Hillegas is currently 9-2 on the year and slowly climbing the ranks at 149. Prior to joining West Virginia, he spent his first two seasons four hours south at Virginia Tech where he went 10-7 as a Hokie.


Sr. Jarrett Jacques (MIZ) vs. Jr. Alex Hornfeck

  • Prior Matchup: No Previous History

Jarrett Jacques, one of the three unbeaten remaining on the roster, looks to put his record on the line again. Jacques currently sits atop the stat sheet in takedowns (31) and wins via tech fall (4) for the Tiger Style squad this season and we can expect those tallies to rise in this match-up. His opponent, Alex Hornfeck (NR), sits at 9-2 on the season and travels to Columbia looking for his first victory over a Mizzou wrestler.


So. Keegan O’Toole (MIZ) vs. So. Peyton Hall

  • Prior Matchups: O’Toole over Hall, 13-7 Decision (2022) | O’Toole over Hall, 13-4 Major Decision (2022)

The second unbeaten wrestler remaining on the Mizzou roster goes to Keegan O’Toole and yes, he is still Him! O’Toole is coming into the dual after putting on a dominating performance in the NWCA All-Star Classic against #5 Dean Hamiti (Wisc). In what looks to be the most exciting match of the evening on paper, West Virginia’s Peyton Hall will once again have his work cut out for him, taking on the returning NCAA National Champ. Hall, ranked #7 by both Flo & InterMat, enters the contest as one of two Mountaineer undefeated wrestlers. He returns as the starter at 165 for the third straight year and is a 2x NCAA Qualifier and 1x All-American placing 8th in last year’s Championship.


Jr. Peyton Mocco (MIZ) vs. Fr. Brody Conley or Jr. Scott Joll

  • Prior Matchup: No Previous History

Peyton Mocco steps on the mat inside the Hearnes with one loss on the season and five victories. To date, he has matched up against a Mountaineer one time during his time with the Tigers, losing that bout during the 2020 season. His potential opponent/s, Brody Conely (NR) or Scott Joll (NR), come in with a combined 9-2 record with only Conely being unbeaten. While Joll has a 1-1 record against Tigers in the past, Conely has yet to test his skills against a Mizzou opponent.


So. Colton Hawks or So. Sean Harman or Clayton Whiting (MIZ) vs. So. Anthony Carman

  • Prior Matchup: No Previous History

At this point in time, I really have no clue who the Tigers will walk out on to the mat at 184. They have all wrestled one another and beaten one another at some point in time, and that goes without knowing what is happening behind scenes in the wrestling room. All three are capable of being starters at 184 and the logjam has created quite the competition among them. Across the mat is Anthony Carman (NR), who is 8-3 on the season and has yet to see a Tiger opponent during his collegiate career.


So. Rocky Elam (MIZ) vs. Jr. Austin Cooley

  • Prior Matchup: No Previous History

Rocky Elam is slowly creeping up the ballot to take the “Him” title from Mr. Keegan O’Toole! While he has a few more accolades to collect, Elam is becoming a guy that’s going to make some serious noise come March. Stepping into this dual, Rocky will be walking tall after a thrilling victory over Jacob Warner (Iowa), the nation’s #2 wrestler at 197, in the NWCA All-Star Classic. His opponent, Austin Cooley (NR), is in the midst of his first season with the blue and yellow after transferring out of Pittsburg where he spent the last three years. he enters the contest with an 8-2 record and no history against Mizzou opponents.


Jr. Zach Elam (MIZ) vs. So. Michael Wolfgram

Prior Matchup: No Previous History

Our final weight of the evening, 285lbs, goes to Zach Elam. Elam returns to the mat after previously falling to the nation’s top wrestler at 285, Cohlton Schultz (ASU). He currently holds a 4-1 record and sits as the Tigers’ team leader in falls for the season (3). Elam is another guy in line for a get-right match but his may come as a bit more of a challenge. Standing in the way of his fifth-season victory is Michael Wolfgram. Wolfgram, #19 on Flo and #25 on InterMat, holds a 7-3 record and is a returning 2022 NCAA Qualifier.

After an early season upset, this looks to be a good rebound meet. Mizzou Wrestling should have no trouble moving through this competition, putting themselves back in the win column once again. Be sure to pack the stands and support your wrestlers for Alumni Night at the Hearnes Center!