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How many different ways can we say “kansas sucks”?

A lot. We can say it a lot of different ways.

Kansas v New Mexico St Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Never forget, it’s been 4,299 days since the University of kansas men’s basketball team has won a basketball game in Columbia, Missouri. That’s 859 days for every MAJOR Level One Infraction Bill Self is accused of committing in violation of NCAA bylaws... it’s Five by the way. Five Major Infractions.

The Border War is back in Missouri for the first time since this happened:

Kansas v Missouri
Conner, you still can’t guard him all these years later.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Read Michael Atchison’s Ode to Marcus Denmon:

The quiet one, so rarely speaks
Unlike both Mike and Kim
His jump shot had been lost for weeks
‘Til he found it in the gym

When the hour was turning late
And the game was on the line
The Tigers needed more than eight
So he simply gave them nine

Enjoy the vibes.

For context on how long ago this was, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl thanks to a helmet catch a few days later.

Mizzou would make a visit to Allen Fieldhouse to wrap up the regular season, and well, that game was controversial in a lot of ways. The teams would not meet again until last year thanks to Mizzou’s move to the SEC but mostly due to Bill Self being a soft mealy b****.

Weird how Bill Self’s feelings on playing Mizzou changed once they were getting slapped with “egregious” and “severe” rules violations. The news broke on Sept 21st, 2019, the announcement for the rivalry renewal was announced weeks later in October.

If you want to know how I really feel about Self and kansas feel free to check out my Non-Conference Preview from last year, or this year’s Non-Conference Preview also. The game is here, it’s today.

The time is 4:15pm Central Time. It’s on ESPN. Tom Hart and Jimmy Dykes are on the call. What the f*ck is a “Jayhawk”? Beat ku.