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Mizzou Wrestling Weekend Review

The Mizzou Wrestling team traveled to Cedar Falls, IA for the UNI Open tournament followed by a trip to Blacksburg, VA to take on a stacked Hokies lineup.

Brock Mauller
@MizzouWrestling on Twitter

The Mizzou Wrestling team had an eventful and busy weekend. The Tigers Style wrestling team made an appearance at the UNI Open wrestling tournament in Cedar Falls, IA and followed that up with a trip to Blacksburg, VA to take on a talented Virginia Tech squad We’ll check in recap the Virginia Tech dual first, as it was hotly contested.

Mizzou: 0 - Virginia Tech: 4

Making his second appearance in the starting lineup, Mizzou’s true freshman Peyton Moore opened up the contest by facing off against RsFr. Cooper Flynn. As good as his lineup debut was against West Virginia, his bout against the Hokies was much more humbling as he gave up five takedowns en route to a 13-3 loss by major decision.

Mizzou: 0 - Virginia Tech: 7

Next up for the Tigers was Connor Brown, who took on Sam Latona, a top contender inside the 133 lbs weight class. Brown opened the match aggressive on his feet taking the first shot attempts before giving one up with under twenty seconds to go in the first period as well as the end of the second. Heading into the final period, Brown found himself on the losing end, falling by a 6-4 decision.

Mizzou: 3 - Virginia Tech: 7

Moving into 141, Allan Hart looked to turn the tide for the Tigers as he took on #15 Tom Crook. The first-ranked match of the night fell in favor of Mizzou as Hart took control of the contest and never looked back tallying three takedowns and riding time on his way to an 8-2 decision.

Mizzou: 6 - Virginia Tech: 7

Looking to keep the wins going, Brock Mauller took on #12 Caleb Henson in what came out as a thriller. After trading takedowns in the first, followed by a second full of hand-fighting, the score was set at 3-3 heading into the final 2 minutes. Collecting his (Mauller) second takedown of the match while allowing two escapes, Henson attempted an inside single with forty seconds remaining, leaving Mauller sprawled on top looking to score. Hitting the five-second mark, Mauller made a last-effort push that sprung him into scoring position giving him the final takedown and a 7-5 victory.

Mizzou: 6 - Virginia Tech: 10

At 157 we saw both Mizzou and Virginia Tech starters take a back seat, allowing reserves to step in and compete in the contest. Tiger sophomore Logan Gioffre was sent out to take on Chase Ulrey for the Hokies. Gioffre opened the match by pushing the tempo with multiple shot attempts but fail to land a takedown. Heading late into the second, Ulrey acquired the first takedown of the match giving him a 3-2 lead that he held onto for the remainder of the contest giving Virginia Tech its third victory on the night.

Mizzou: 9 - Virginia Tech: 10

Returning National Champ Keegan O’Toole stepped onto the mat at 165 for the Tigers. The scoring came quickly to start the match after a questionable review went against O’Toole just thirty seconds in. A takedown, reversal, and escape left Keegan trailing rounding out the first period. Opening the second on top, O’Toole rode strong the entire period collecting a quick two-point near fall before time expired. Starting the final period on their feet, O’Toole collected one more escape and tacked on riding time giving him an 8-4 victory over #22 ranked Connor Brady.

Mizzou: 9 - Virginia Tech: 13

Looking for redemption after last season’s overtime defeat, Mizzou’s Peyton Mocco stepped up to take on #3 Mehki Lewis at 174 for the second time. Halfway through the first, Lewis delivered a right-hand single that sent him ahead 2-1 heading into the second. With the second period rewarding just an escape to Lewis and a lengthy takedown review, we headed to the third with Mocco trialing 3-1. Collecting an escape early, Mocco circled the mat looking to for a scoring opportunity but came up empty-handed falling by a 3-2 decision.

Mizzou: 9 - Virginia Tech: 17

Sophomore Sean Harman got the green light for the Tigers at 184 against the Hokies giving him #7 Hunter Bolen. Harman opened the match tough on his feet before allowing a takedown halfway into the first where everything steamrolled south from there. Virginia Techs Bolen collected five takedowns and riding time on his way to a 12-3 major decision over Harmon.

Mizzou: 12 - Virginia Tech: 17

Debuting as the #1 wrestler at 197, Rocky Elam was in need of a bonus point victory to close the team score gap. Taking on #21 Andy Smith, Elam opened the match early with a left-hand snatch single collecting a takedown and over two minutes of riding time to finish the first period. He continued his way to a bonus point victory, adding three more points in the second (takedown, escape). Dancing around the final period of the match, Rocky was unable to collect an extra point to secure the bonus while collecting a 7-0 decision.

Mizzou: 15 - Virginia Tech: 17

At 285, Zach Elam was in need of a tech fall to tie the dual or a fall to win against #22 Hunter Catka. After a scoreless first period, Elam collected a takedown and escape moving into the final two minutes of the contest. Locking up riding time in the third, Zach Elam took home a 4-2 victory to round out the night for the Tigers.


The Tigers failed to collect its third team victory of the year, pushing them to 2-2 on the season in duals. Excuses can always be made for falling but everyone can be held accountable for this loss. Luckily, duals are not nearly as important as they should be and the negatives can only be taken from them to turn into positives. Brian Smith and his Tigers can head back to Columbia with much to build on as they look forward to their next contest against North Dakota State on December 20 to round out the 2022 year.

Prior to the VT dual, Mizzou sent 19 wrestlers to compete in the 2022 UNI Open Wrestling Tournament. The results and some notes of the tournament are as follows:

131: Owen Uhls - DNP - Tournament Record: 1-2

  • Wins by: Inj. Def

141: Korbin Shepherd - Place - Tournament Record: 2-1

  • Wins by: Fall, Dec (6-0)

141: Josh Edmond- 6th Place - Tournament Record: 1-3

  • Wins by: Dec (5-2)

141: Kade Moore - 3rd Place - Tournament Record: 3-1

  • Wins by: Fall, Med Forf, Dec (8-3)
  • Defeated Carter Fousek (ISU) by a decision in the third-place match

149: Easton Hilton - DNP - Tournament Record: 0-2

  • Wins by: None
  • Defeated by Alek Martin (NDSU) by a decision (6-2)

149: Nate Pulliam - 4th Place - Tournament Record: 4-2

  • Wins by: Dec (7-1), Dec (4-3), Dec (10-3), Dec (8-4)
  • Defeated by Blaine Brenner (Minn) by a major decision in third-place match

149: Joel Mylin - DNP - Tournament Record: 0-2

  • Wins by: None

157: Rafael Romero - DNP - Tournament Record: 0-2

  • Wins by: None

157: Jeremy Jakowitsch - DNP - Tournament Record: 1-2

  • Wins by: Fall

165: Brant Whitaker - 5th Place - Tournament Record: 1-2

  • Wins by: Dec (7-3)
  • Defeated Caden Schmidt (ISU) by a decision in the fifth-place match

James Conway - DNP - Tournament Record: 0-2

  • Wins by: None

165: Cam Steed - 3rd Place - Tournament Record: 3-1

  • Wins by: Maj Dec, Dec (8-2), Dec (8-2)
  • Defeated Carter Schmidt (ISU) by a decision in the third-place match

174: Ellis Pfleger - 5th Place - Tournament Record: 2-2

  • Wins by: Dec (10-3), Med Forf

184: Clayton Whiting - 1st Place - Tournament Record: 3-0

  • Wins by: Dec (3-1), Tech Fall (17-1), Dec (3-2)
  • Defeated Bennett Berge (SDSU) by a decision

184: Colton Hawks - 3rd Place - Tournament Record: 2-1

  • Wins by: Fall, Dec (SV-1, 3-1)

197: Tommy Hagan - DNP - Tournament Record: 1-2

  • Wins by: Dec (SV-1, 4-2)

285: Seth Nitzel - 1st Place - Tournament Record: 3-0

  • Wins by: Maj Dec (10-0), Maj Dec (10-2), Maj Dec (11-0)
  • Defeated Bowen McConville (SDSU) by a major decision in the first-place match

285: Ryan Boersma - 3rd Place - Tournament Record: 2-1

  • Wins by: Dec (SV-1, 9-7), Dec (3-1)

285: Cole Gripka- DNP - Tournament Record: 1-2

  • Wins by: Dec (5-3)