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Hamdan’s gone, but who could replace him?

A look at some of the names who could replace Bush Hamdan as quarterback coach and possibly assume the role of offensive coordinator.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 28 USC at Washington Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With Bush Hamdan departing Missouri for Boise State, Missouri sits in a spot where they have to fill a spot on the offensive staff and that spot very well could have the title of offensive coordinator attached to it. There was speculation that Hamdan taking over as a play caller at times this season would lead to an eventual title change for him here at Missouri. For Hamdan though, the allure of having the keys to the offense at his alma mater was too tough to pass up.

With the offensive struggles that plagued Missouri throughout the season, it’s important to note that when Hamdan became the primary play caller there was a substantial improvement in not just the offensive production as a whole, but also in the play of Brady Cook. Somehow, they’ve got to find a way to replace that kind of a mind in your building. That will probably require Drinkwitz giving up some sort of control/title to get that done.

So why not take a look at a few candidates?

Casey Woods, Offensive Coordinator, SMU

I mean, I feel like you kind of have to start here.

Woods has the obvious ties to Eli Drinkwitz and in his time away from Columbia, he has done a really good job with the offense over at SMU. Rhett Lashlee, SMU’s Head Coach, was the primary play caller but Woods has certainly left his thumbprints over the offense. Their offense finished in the top 10 nationally in points per game and yards per game as well as a top 20 marks in Points per play, 3rd Down Conversions as well as Red Zone Conversion Rate.

I don’t know what the role would be and if he would be coaching an actual position group, but I would imagine that to pry him away, it would take assigning him some real responsibility and giving him some leeway to make this offense into Woods’ own.

Curtis Luper, Running Backs coach, Missouri

If you’re looking from an internal perspective for an offensive coordinator though, why not Luper?

Luper has been on staff since Drinkwitz arrived in Columbia, has developed players at the running back position at a high level and has long been known as one of the best recruiters in the country. Luper was even targeted by Virginia for their offensive coordinator position last offseason, though he would go on to stay at Missouri.

He has a wealth of experience and is well connected around the Texas High School football scene. This seems like a logical step for a guy who has been here for a while and also left a position at TCU where he was the co-offensive coordinator.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 09 North Texas at Missouri Photo by Rick Ulreich/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Charlie Weis, Jr., Ole Miss, Offensive Coordinator

Maybe Drinkwitz decides to poach a coordinator from a fellow SEC school?

Weis, who is just 29 years old, would be an outside of the box hire but is known as an up-and-comer in the coaching profession and already has 11 years of experience to his name already. He’s been a coordinator at Florida Atlantic as well as South Florida already and he’s also coached quarterbacks at his last few stops. He has a nice pedigree and plenty of experience for a coach as young as he is.

He isn’t the primary play caller at his current school, but maybe it’s possible he’s ready for a jump up in responsibility?

Bryan Ellis, Georgia Southern, Offensive Coordinator

Ellis, the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator for Georgia Southern has turned that offense into a really nice unit in his lone year there. Even before He has previous experience at Western Kentucky and USC as well. Ellis runs a similar system as Drinkwitz does as they both like creating a lot of misdirection to keep the defense guessing. The fit seems like it’d be a pretty good one.

Ellis has found a way to create great offenses and develop QB’s at smaller schools. Moving from the G5 to the SEC would be tough, but Ellis has a solid track record.

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