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Tiger Style vs. Bison Wrestling Dual Preview and Live Updates

Brian Smith and his Tiger Style wrestling team welcome in the North Dakota State Bison to Columbia for a Big XII dual meet match-up. Here is a look into what we can expect.

Live Match Updates

141lbs: #4 Allan Hart Fall #8 Dylan Droegemueller (MIZ 6 NDSU 0)

  • 1st Period: One of the biggest matches tonight as two top eight guys face off immediately. Hart in on a leg and a cradle and a fall in 27 seconds over a top eight opponent!

149lbs: #9 Brock Mauller Dec. Kellyn March (MIZ 9 NDSU 0)

  • 1st Period: March taking a shot off the whistle and Mauller looking to counter but it’s stalemated. March looking for underhooks a ton but Mauller clearing. Lots of handfighting but no real shots with 30 seconds left.
  • 2nd Period: 0-0 score and Mauller taking bottom. Mauller to his feet and an escape in under 10 seconds. Mauller with a slideby and near merkel but March counters and scores with a minute left in the second. Neither guy moving too much here as March sits on an ankle. Mauller reaching back and nearly gets a reversal to his back but runs out of time.
  • 3rd Period: March takes neutral with a 2-1 lead and riding time. Mauller shoots and March is heavy on the head. March in on a leg and Mauller goes behind for two! 1:11 left and he has to take care of riding time. Mauller with a leg in and March in on a leg now. March nearly with a cradle but Mauller comes back out on top! 15 seconds left and Mauller has him flat. Time runs out and Mauller with a gritty 3-2 win!

157lbs: #4 Jared Franek Dec. #13 Jarrett Jacques (MIZ 9 NDSU 3)

  • 1st Period: Big match here for Jacques who had two razor thin losses to Franek last year. Some great hand fighting from both guys in this period. Franek takes a shot and Jacques with a good sprawl. Jacques deep on a leg, Franek looking to sit the corner. Both guys have ankles here and it gets stalemated, great shot from Jacques though. Period ends with Jacques two shots to none.
  • 2nd Period: 0-0 and Franek takes bottom. Franek with a super quick sit out escape. Stall call on Franek after another Jacques shot! Franek takes a shot now and Jacques defends, looks like he put him on his back but the ref didn’t call anything and both guys back on their feet. Franek pushing to the edge with a front headlock, Jacques drops to a knee and it gets stalemated with 10 seconds.
  • 3rd Period: 1-0 lead for Franek and Jacques takes bottom. Franek looking to turn and Jacques rolls to his feet, immediately in on a shot and gets a reversal! No escape though so a Franek escape ties it. Jacques drops to an ankle and gives up a stall call. Jacques on top and gives up an escape off the restart, all tied up 2-2 with a minute left. We’re going to OT.
  • Sudden Victory: Franek takes a shot and puts Jacques on his hip for a win.

165lbs: #1 Keegan O’Toole Dec. #12 Michael Caliendo (MIZ 12 NDSU 3)

  • 1st Period: This is gonna be a barnburner. Caliendo in on a leg and has it in the air after a reshot. O’Toole fighting but Caliendo gets him down for a takedown. Quick escape for O’Toole. Caliendo working a two on one a ton, looking to get a leg for a merkel. O’Toole with his outside shot attempt and Caliendo holds to a front headlock for a stalemate. Another takedown off a double for Caliendo. Caliendo pulls him backwards and O’Toole nearly puts him on his back but gets an escape at the buzzer. He’s down 4-2.
  • 2nd Period: O’Toole takes bottom and gets an escape, but Caliendo has a minute of riding time. O’Toole looking for a leg but Caliendo with a tight front headlock again. O’Toole in on a leg but can’t finish. One minute left. O’Toole with a slick duck to a takedown but escape for Caliendo. Another for O’Toole and he goes up 7-5! He’s looking to rideout the period and takes out riding time. Crowd wants a stall but won’t get it.
  • 3rd Period: O’Toole up 7-5 and Caliendo takes neutral. O’Toole with another duck, Caliendo pushing all his pressure into the same side. O’Toole cuts him and looking for another takedown and gets it! He wants bonus and he cuts him again with a minute left up 11-7. Blast double for Caliendo and O’Toole comes around for two more, cuts him again, 13-8. They trade shots and O’Toole looking to sit the corner and gets it! He’ll get a 15-8 win, just missing a major.

174lbs: #11 Peyton Mocco Fall Gaven Sax (MIZ 16 NDSU 3)

  • 1st Period: A Mizzou wrestler from Wisconsin takes on a NDSU wrestler from Missouri. Mocco in on a leg and looking to finish, but Sax’s length is slowing him down to a stalemate. Mocco doubles through him, Sax quickly escapes though. NDSU challenging something but I missed it. No score change, maybe not a challenge? Either way, Mocco up 2-1. Another Mocco double but Sax catches a leg as time runs out.
  • 2nd Period: Mocco takes bottom. Sax with a leg in off the whistle, Mocco looking to turn into him and puts him on his back! The fall is called! Two pins for the Tigers!

184lbs: Colton Hawks Maj. Deanthony Parker (MIZ 22 NDSU 3)

  • 1st Period: Hawks getting the start tonight against Parker, who’s tough but outside of the rankings. Parker in on a shot off the whistle and nearly scores but Hawks recovers. Parker with a fast pace early. Hawks catches a leg, but Parker is long and fighting. Hawks has it in the air and doubles him through but Parker rolls and is looking to switch. Hawks sits the corner and gets two! Hawks keeping him on his belly and putting some serious pressure. Hawks getting a count with an armbar for four! Parker stands but Hawks takes him out of bounds. 25 seconds left. Parker with a switch attempt and Hawks grabs a leg, needs to return or cut. Parker gets an escape. Period ends with Hawks up 6-1 and 1:44 of riding time.
  • 2nd Period: Hawks taking bottom. Hawks to his feet and fighting hands but Parker returns him and nearly gets a turn. Parker with a tight bar himself now but Hawks is fighting. Hawks nearly gives up two but they go out of bounds with 34 seconds left. Hawks to his feet and gets an escape with ten seconds left.
  • 3rd Period: Hawks up 7-1 in the third and Parker takes top. Parker looking for a tilt, Hawks fighting but needs to get moving to not give up a stall though. Big return for Parker. Hawks rolls him through and has him on his back for a reversal and two nearfall! Parker gets an escape on the edge with 48 seconds. Hawks up 11-2 and they’re in neutral. Parker with a duck attempt, Hawks blocking well. Parker looking to get a cradle, nearly gets behind but Hawks stands up as time runs out and wins by major 11-2!

197lbs: #1 Rocky Elam Dec. #27 Owen Pentz (MIZ 25 NDSU 3)

  • 1st Period: Two very lanky guys going here. Rocky has a leg and gets him in the air, trips him down for two early. Rocky doing a great job of keeping him down but doesn’t threaten too many turns. Gets 2:15 of riding time and a 2-0 lead after the first.
  • 2nd Period: Rocky with a quick standup. Pentz looking for his two on one a lot. Rocky runs him out of bounds with a great shot. Another shot for Rocky, a reshot now and Rocky doubles him through for another takedown! Time runs out and Rocky up 5-0 with riding time.
  • 3rd Period: Pentz takes neutral. Pentz still not taking any attacks, just getting a two on one. Rocky with a reshot, Pentz tries to roll through but Rocky comes out back for two! Pentz gets away, Rocky needs one more for a major. Pentz finally starts attacking and Rocky just takes the 8-1 win.

285lbs: #8 Zach Elam Dec. Juan Mora (MIZ 28 NDSU 3)

  • 1st Period: Zach with a freight train double for two! Putting on a great ride, close to a turn but can’t keep him in position. Zach takes a 2-0 lead with 2:21 of riding time.
  • 2nd Period: Zach takes bottom. Up to his feet and fighting hands, gets an escape! Mora working a lot of underhooks. Zach in on a leg again but Mora sprawls and Zach backs out. Mora with a high pace trying to wear on Zach. Mora in on a leg but Zach catches a tight front headlock and Mora backs out.
  • 3rd Period: Mora takes neutral down 3-0, but Mora looks fresher. Mora looking for that underhook shot again and forces a stall. Mora gets a takedown and cuts Zach. 1:15 left and Zach with a 4-2 lead. Mora really pushing the pace here. Mora shoots again but Zach defends. 30 seconds left and Zach has a 5-2 lead with riding time. Mora keeps shooting, looking for a stall and gets one as he forces Zach out. 5-3 with 12 seconds left. Zach fends him off for a closer than expected win.

125lbs: Forfeit for Mizzou (MIZ 28 NDSU 9)

  • 1st Period: Mizzou is banged up at this weight so they have to give up a forfeit at 125.

133lbs: McGwire Midkiff Dec. Eric Lovelace (MIZ 28 NDSU 12)

  • 1st Period: Looks like Brown gets the night off so Lovelace gets his first start as a Tiger. Midkiff in on a shot and Lovelace trying to sit the corner, but it gets stalemated. Lovelace takes a nice shot but Midkiff scores on a reshot. Midkiff with a leg in, Lovelace does a good job to get an escape. Lovelace with a great shot and gets in deep, but Midkiff now sits the corner and it gets stalemated. Another Lovelace shot but Midkiff defends and reshots to score.
  • 2nd Period: Midkiff up 4-1 and he takes neutral. Lovelace moving him around well and is picking up the pace. Lovelace with a great shot and finish for two! He keeps him down as the period ends, down 4-3.
  • 3rd Period: Lovelace takes bottom, riding time over a minute. Locked hands on Midkiff! Score is tied 4-4 but Midkiff has riding time. Lovelace with a huge reversal and cuts him! Score tied up with riding time. Midkiff goes in on a shot and finishes when Lovelace tries to go upper body. 40 seconds left. Lovelace tries to get a defensive pin but time runs out and he drops a 8-6 decision.


Four duals and four tournaments into the season, Brian Smith and his Mizzou wrestlers will be staying in Columbia for its next dual meet. On Tuesday, December 20, the Tigers will welcome in the North Dakota State Bison for its Military Appreciation Night. Brian Smith currently holds a 5-0 record in head-to-head match-ups against NDSU. You can see more detailed analysis in my prior article, Coach Smith vs Dual Schedule.

Moving into individual weight classes we will start at 125lbs and make our way through 285lbs. We are taking a glimpse into each dual and match-up that has been had along the road and how we have faired at each one. Looking along these duals, I’ll try to highlight which stood out most and which were potential season-altering battles. (Matches subject to change)

Peyton Moore
@MizzouWrestling on Twitter

125lbs: So. Noah Surtin or Peyton Moore (MIZ) vs. Rs. Fr. Carlos Negrete Jr.

Prior Match-Up: No previous history

Once again we will see freshman Peyton Moore fill the 125 lbs. spot as Noah Surtin rehabs his current injury. Moore is currently 6-6 on the year and 1-1 in the starter role. His competition across the circle is Carlos Negrete Jr. who is currently ranked at #27 on InterMat and unranked on Flo. He holds a 5-4 record on the season. Negrete was a top 100 recruit coming out of high school in 2021 and is getting his opportunity inside the starting lineup. This season he has seen one opponent inside the top twenty-five, #3 Patrick McKee (Minnesota), losing that bout by an 8-0 major decision.

133lbs: Jr. Connor Brown (MIZ) vs. Sr. McGwire Midkiff or Fr. Fernando Barreto

Prior Match-Up: No previous history

At 133, Connor Brown continues to fill the spot for the Tigers. Brown currently sits one win above .500 at 4-3 and has wrestled strong all season. His three losses have come from the #4, #5, and #11 ranked wrestlers falling by four, one, and two. Stepping up for his eighth match on the season, Brown will look to take on a fifth-year senior (Midkiff) or a true freshman (Barreto), both unranked wrestlers with a combined 7-5 record.

141lbs: Sr. Allan Hart (MIZ) vs. Jr. Dylan Droegemueller

Prior Match-Up: Hart over Droegemueller 14-1 Major Decision (2022), Hart over Droegemueller 8-3 Decision (2021)

Our first ranked match of the evening belongs to the 141 weight class. Allan Hart enters the contest having won his last two matches and looking to continue his winning streak. His opponent, Dylan Droegemueller, steps into the Hearnes center as a returning NCAA qualifier. He has a record of 4-1 and is currently ranked #11 by Flo and #8 by InterMat. He recently knocked off #5 Brock Hardy of Nebraska by a 10-4 decision and his lone loss on the season belongs to #11 Jakob Bergeland (Minnesota).

Brock Mauller
@MizzouWrestling on Twitter

149lbs: Jr. Brock Mauller (MIZ) vs. Jr. Kellyn March

Prior Match-Up: No previous history

At the 149 weight class, 6-1, Brock Mauller continues to make his presence felt back in the lineup. Mauller enters the contest fresh off a top-fifteen victory over Caleb Henson of Virginia Tech. His opponent, Kellyn March (NR), steps in with a 8-3 record and will be facing his first top-ten opponent this season. March has competed against a Mizzou wrestler four times in his collegiate career going 2-2.

157lbs: Sr. Jarrett Jacques (MIZ) vs. Jr. Jared Franek

Prior Match-Up: Franek over Jacques 2-1 TB-2 (2022), Franek over Jacques 6-4 Decision (2021), Jacques over Franek 5-2 Decision (2021)

We have a barn burner at the 157 lbs weight class with two top fifteen wrestlers battling. In a contest with major Big XII seedings on the line, Jacques puts his undefeated record on the line taking on his first top-ranked opponent of the season. Jared Franek, a three-time NCAA qualifier, currently ranks inside the top ten on both Flo (#6) and InterMat (#4). He steps into Columbia with a 4-1 record with his lone loss coming to second-ranked Peyton Robb (Neb) by way of a 7-4 decision.

165lbs: So. Keegan O’Toole (MIZ) vs. Rs. Fr. Michael Caliendo

Prior Match-Up: No previous history

Keegan O’Toole looks to add another ranked victory to his sophomore season list by taking on Michael Caliendo, #21 by Flo and #12 by InterMat, at 165. Caliendo was the #52 ranked recruit in the 2021 class and has a 22-2 overall collegiate record. This season he has yet to be defeated 8-0 and will be given his first true test taking on the #1 ranked wrestler inside his weight division.

Peyton Mocco
@MizzouWrestling on Twitter

174lbs: Jr. Peyton Mocco (MIZ) vs. So. Gaven Sax

Prior Match-Up: 2021: No previous history

Peyton Mocco will be looking to bounce back after falling just shy of knocking off #3 Mehki Lewis (VT) in the previous dual. His opponent. Gaven Sax, is 6-3 on the year and is currently unranked.

184lbs: So. Colton Hawks or So. Sean Harman (MIZ) vs. So. Deanthony Parker

Prior Match-Up: No previous history

At 184, I am still waiting on freshman Clayton Whiting to get his shot but Coach Smith may have other plans for him this season so we turn to Hawks or Harmon once again. With a combined 15-6 record, the duo will look across the mat to 3-5 sophomore, Deanthony Parker.

197lbs: So. Rocky Elam (MIZ) vs. So. Owen Pentz

Prior Match-Up: Elam over Pentz Major Decision 14-6 (2021)

Holding strong to the top spot at 197, Rocky Elam steps back onto the mat looking to take on the final ranked opponent of the evening. Owen Pentz, #24 by Flo and #27 by InterMat, is a 2x NCAA qualifier and holds a 4-3 record on the season. He will be taking on a top-ranked opponent for the first time this season.

285lbs: Jr. Zach Elam (MIZ) vs. Rs. Fr. Juan Mora

Prior Match-Up: No previous history

Our final match-up of the evening belongs to Zach Elam. Elam returns to the mat after knocking off a top twenty-five opponent against Virginia Tech. Standing in the way of his seventh victory of the year is Juan Mora. Mora is 5-3 this year and has yet to take on a top-ranked opponent.

The Tigers are back inside the Hearnes Center for this Big XII showdown. A contest that we should see them take care of business early and often, Mizzou can get back to its winning ways before they close out the 2022 year. Getting back to their aggressive roots and controlling the tempo and pace of their matches. Wrestle their style and the results will fall into place.