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Merry Christmas, Rock M Nation folks!

From me and mine, to you and yours!

It’s officially December 25th in the year 2022. Christmas 2022. So I’d like to start by saying Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this here site, and to all those who are important to you. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, well Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoyed your federally mandated holiday yesterday.

Last year I had the misfortune of having to cancel our family Christmas plans because my mom got sick. This year, my Dad got sick. Seriously. We missed two years ago thanks to COVID, last year because my mom was sick and this year because my dad is sick.

He’ll be fine, but it sucks. Especially again. I’m definitely rethinking how much I spent on beef though.

We’ve had a pretty incredible year at Rock M Nation. The Football season wrapped up with a Bowl loss to Wake Forest but the Basketball season is just getting going. Wrestling is going strong, as per usual. And we’ve had two months of just incredible coverage and incredible traffic, I figure I should say thanks. Thank you to the readers, because without you we’d not have a reason to write. And thanks to this awesome staff of writers. I feel like we’ve done our best to cover as much of the Mizzou sports world and we’ve gotten pretty darn close.

So thanks to everyone involved. For Karen, who reads everything. For Josh, who helps me make sure things are running on time. For Nate and BK who make the football coverage work. For the Matts who provide great hoops analysis. For Brandon and Parker, and Adeen, who work the beat. For Lauren who steers the Women’s basketball coverage. Matt and James for their wrestling coverage. And Levi who makes the pods sound good, and the graphics. For Sammy, Aaron, Jackson, Kortay, you help fill in the blanks.

Being the person responsible for running the site is never easy, but the team I’ve got makes it as easy as it can be and I’m appreciative of it all. Merry Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate, Happy Holidays. There’s always something on the horizon worth celebrating.

It’ll probably be quiet around here today. But we’ve got full bowl coverage wrap ups coming, season wraps, basketball forthcoming. Lots of good things.

Thanks for reading and have a great day off. Federally mandated holidays are good no matter what you celebrate.

College Games:


  • 12:30pm — Seattle @ George Washington, ESPNU
  • 2:30pm — Iona @ Pepperdine, ESPNU
  • 3:30pm — DePaul @ Creighton, FOX
  • 5:30pm — Utah State @ Washington State, ESPN2
  • 7:30pm — SMU @ Hawai’i, ESPN2


  • NFL — Green Bay vs Miami @ 12:00 pm (FOX)
  • NFL — Denver vs Los Angeles @ 3:30 pm (CBS)
  • NFL — Tampa Bay vs Arizona @ 7:20 pm (NBC)
  • NBA — Philadelphia vs New York @ 11:00 am (ABC/ESPN)
  • NBA — Los Angeles vs Dallas @ 1:30 pm (ABC/ESPN)
  • NBA — Milwaukee vs Boston @ 4:00 pm (ABC/ESPN)
  • NBA — Memphis vs Golden State @ 7:30 pm (ABC/ESPN)
  • NBA — Phoenix vs Denver @ 9:30 pm (ABC/ESPN)

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.