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Mizzou travels to Nashville seeking to climb the SEC standings

Mizzou Links for February 8, 2022.

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Another slow day on the beat...

It was another slow day on the Mizzou news beat... so let’s do a little grab bag! Mizzou heads to Nashville tonight to take on Vanderbilt in their weird-shaped arena. Here are a few other Mizzou Hoops notes and stories.

  • It’s the Rally for Rhyan game this Saturday! Are you planning on being there? If so, Brad Loos has the deets:

Mizzou has some redemption work to do after last year’s R4R loss, the first in program history.

  • Mizzou Hoops’ record isn’t wowing anyone, but as Courtney Day points out, they’ve played one of the country and conference’s toughest schedules to this point:

Maybe that’s part of the improvement we’ve seen as of late?

“Not trying to do too much, not trying to be someone he isn’t, just staying within his game, making good passes,” Kobe Brown said of his brother. “Competing on the defensive end, and just playing physical and tough.”

It sounds like Kaleb has carved out a role early on in his career, similar to his older brother did during his earlier years.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Softball schools get excited about softball news:

Mizzou is going to have a stacked roster coming into 2022 and should contend for another Super Regional and, ideally, their first College World Series bid since 2011.

  • It feels like despite interest from the NFL, Mizzou won’t be losing Steve Wilks this offseason.
  • Mizzou Gymnastics has had some tough luck competing against highly-rated opponents, but they’re still being recognized for the good work they’ve done.

Overall, they’re now firmly a top 10 program.

  • Averi Kroenke seems cool, it’s a shame about her cousin