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Game Thread: Missouri Spring Game

Team Mizzou (led by Isaiah McGuire and Barrett Banister) will take on Team Tigers (led by Connor Wood and Darius Robinson) to give Mizzou fans their first look at the 2022 football team.

NCAA Football: Armed Forces Bowl-Missouri at Army Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Team Mizzou 35 | Team Tigers 34


1st Quarter Notes

  • Team Mizzou and Brady Cook start out with the ball.
  • Tyler Macon slightly under throws a crossing route, resulting in a tipped INT by redshirt freshman DB Dylan Carnell that was returned for a touchdown.
  • Elijah Young, Dominic Lovett, JJ Hester all picked up first downs on the next Macon-led drive, and Stanford transfer Nathaniel Peat bursts through for a 21-yard touchdown to cap it off. Macon looked a lot more comfortable, and we even saw the triple option make a modified appearance.
  • You love to see it. Darius Robinson with a huge tackle for loss, but Luther Burden responds with a toe tap catch down the sideline to keep Team Mizzou’s drive going.
  • Joseph Charleston with a nice tackle for loss. The Clemson transfer looks comfortable, especially going downhill.
  • Team Mizzou driving as the first quarter ends.

2nd Quarter Notes

  • Charleston makes another great play, this time reading a deep pass to Burden and tipping the interception to himself in the end zone.
  • Jason Skivers and Isaiah McGuire combine for a sack that ends the ensuing drive.
  • Freshman Mekhi Miller gets in on the action, catches a pass from Cook down the sideline for a first down, similar to Burden’s earlier toe-tap.
  • Luther Burden takes a slant into the end zone, working against as safety and cornerback that were both covering him. Another great play from the #1 WR in this past year’s class.
  • Dominic Lovett takes a pass across the field and turns its into a 70+-yard gain with his speed.
  • Lovett then takes a pitch pass for a 21-yard touchdown, capping off an incredible drive from the sophomore.
  • Chance Luper burns his man down the field and Brady Cook tosses him a perfect ball to give Team Mizzou a lead.
  • Tyler Macon with a beautiful throw to Lovett yet again for a big gain.
  • Elijah Young caps off a balanced drive from Team Tigers with a nice cut into the end zone, tying the game right before halftime.
  • Running the 45 second drill, Cook hits a streaking Burden down the middle of the field, who then scampers out of bounds. Luper follows that up with a great toe-tap grab.
  • Barrett Banister jukes out his defender and dives for the end zone to retake the lead before the half.

3rd Quarter Notes

  • Macon under throws a deep ball to Tauskie Dove, but he adjusts to make the grab.
  • Taj Butts punches the ball into the end zone to tie the game up at 28 to open the half.
  • Cody Schrader becomes the latest running back to touch the ball, showing some burst for a nice gain.
  • Make that two great runs for Schrader. He’s carrying the load on this drive, showing off his versatility.

4th Quarter Notes

  • Cody Schrader with a violent run into the end zone to cap off a dominant drive.
  • Macon again finds Tauskie Dove for a deep ball, this time much more accurate. And would you look at that, he finds Dove on a fade route in the end zone. Team Tigers goes for two to take the lead with 4:35 left, but a bad snap threw off the play.
  • Macon will get a shot with 1:45 left.
  • Dylan Carnell picks off Macon to get his second INT of the game and clinch it for Team Mizzou.

Game Info

Time: 1:00 CST

Date: Saturday, March 19th


Where: Faurot Field, Columbia, MO