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Bracket Challenge Update: A chalky Final Four and a balky leaderboard

The craziness of March wrecked our brackets and still gave us a pretty boring semifinal group.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Elite Eight - San Francisco Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

All that madness came to this, huh?

I’m not the only one to note it’s a bummer that this March Madness, which has unquestionably been one of the craziest in recent memory, has led to this Final Four. Three number one seeds fell before the Elite Eight, a bottom eight seed broke into rarified air, and yet the remaining four schools represent 41 percent of the National Champions crowned since the turn of the millennium.

Understandably, this has led to some upsettingly bad public bracketology. And while I’m sure most bracket groups have struggled mightily, the Rock M group seems especially moribund. Seriously, the opening page of our group is harrowing, y’all.

Deweyniner is one of two competitors to stick in the top bracket and looks to have at least a decent shot at winning it all assuming... well, let’s not go there. Elenox21 is the other person to stay near the top, though it doesn’t look like he’ll pull through to the top spot given he can’t get the big points.

Really, we’re looking at the top spot coming down to the winner of the National Championship. If the school to the west pulls through, it’ll be deweyniner. If it’s Nova, one of Ethan or Jimic2001 will claim the top. Otherwise, Obox37 and JRizzle62 seem to have pretty strong claims near the top.

Now comes to my least favorite part of the post, the part where I have to explain the devastating failures of our woebegone Rock M Nation masthead

T-16. Levi

T-22. Sammy

T-27. Lauren

T-39. Parker, Matthew Smith

T-47. Aaron

T-60. Nate

T-74. Matt Harris

T-78. Sam

T-90. Kortay

T-97. Karen

T-99. Josh

Matthew Smith, last week the bracket group leader, has fallen all the way to a tie for 39th. Only one person ranks within the “Top 20,” our sterling podcast producer Levi. But even his bracket only falls in the 69th percentile (nice!). I won’t even stoop to acknowledge my own bracket, truly a bloodbath. (Editor’s note: Karen has scored no points since the round of 32, hahaha)

Visit us next week where we’ll celebrate the winner of our abominable, cursed bracket challenge.