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Mizzou Wrestling wins the Big 12, and their Twitter account has a field day

Mizzou Links for March 8, 2022.

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Always. Keep. Receipts.

Before the 2021-2022 wrestling season kicked off, Mizzou was at once going back in time whilst moving forward. Recently reinstated to the Big 12, #TigerStyle was facing a steep rise in competition for their 11th straight conference title, including programs like Oklahoma State and Iowa State.

InterMat, however, thought Mizzou was good enough to make it happen. They thought so much of Brian Smith’s program that they declared Mizzou the preseason champs. Wanting to celebrate the fact, the Tiger communications team decided to celebrate.

Now, as it is bound to happen on Twitter, there were some detractors from this fairly benign tweet. They felt like Mizzou was prematurely celebrating, and they might have been right... in an alternate universe where Mizzou didn’t ultimately win the Big 12 with relative ease.

In response to said title win, the admin over at #TigerStyle decided to unearth some receipts and, sweet lord almighty, they are tasty.

Someone tried to invoke another Big 12 defector, and admin wasn’t having it.

And sometimes all you need is an emoji to punk on a fan account from a rival school.

You may have come to this section for wrestling analysis. If you want that, check out James’ lovely piece, which is very detailed. If you wanted Twitter drama recap... well, you got what you came for, didn’t you?

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